Covert operations: Stealth’s story is one total diligence and determination. Hooked on bass culture since the age of 15; Ali Pearce first stumbled on an illegal North London rave on new years eve in the late 90s. 18 rigs of unadulterated jungle and techno madness… Within seconds of arriving he knew the direction his life would take. Furtively working his way into the illicit scene, within a year of his rave epiphany he was dropping drum & bass jungle huge crowds on a weekly basis.

Hungry to preach his slick tech sermons to a broader audience than squat parties could offer, Ali scored himself a new home: Movement. Hosted by D&B pioneer Bryan Gee, Movement is cherished as one of the most respected, forward-thinking D&B weeklies to ever take place in the UK, and Stealth, eventually earned himself a place as a resident warm-up artist. From its Bar Rumba roots, Movement’s mission spread, giving Ali a chance to demonstrate his industrial strength blends across the UK and Europe and land a long running show on legendary pirate station Origin FM.

Stealth’s production stripes were inevitable. By 2004 he and Stylus were making themselves known to labels, with Bailey’s Intasound being the first imprint to embrace their robust, rollers and mechanical soul. These early outings culminated with a major release on Ram sister-imprint Frequency with the massive double-A ‘The Ark / Air Raid’. A collaborative mission with Basher, ‘Air Raid’ found itself as a prize intro track for Andy C throughout 2007.

The operation that followed between then and now is not-so-covert; when he wasn’t working as a movie extra (and appearing in blockbusters such as War Horse), running an alcohol delivery company, or watching documentaries on quantum mechanics, Stealth was exercising more and more signature bruisers across some of the most influential labels possible. With a timeless techy twist, heritage motifs and uncompromised future focus, his sound sits comfortably across all corners of the drum & bass scene with decorated releases on labels as varied and respected as V Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Ingredients, Subtitles, Critical and Ram Records. Support, meanwhile, has been pledged by an equally broad chorus of premier representers as the likes of Andy C, Chase & Status, Calyx & TeeBee, Hype, Xtrah, Kasra, Ed Rush, Break, Fabio, Sub Focus, Friction and many more have all shown big love for Stealth sonics.

After two high profile releases on Program and two appearances on Andy C’s ‘Nightlife 6’, Stealth is now officially signed to Ram Records, and regularly touring across Europe and beyond. Make no mistakes; Stealth’s story is only just getting started. His diligence and determination continues unabated.

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