Work Experience: Rollz

Work Experience: Rollz

Work Experience: A feature series where we ask our favourite producers who their dream collabo projects would be with.

This week we’re chatting to Rollz to find out who he would work with. This is no coincidence, his Firepod EP is out this week on Pilot and it’s arguably his boldest release to date. Five tracks in total; over the whole release Rollz explores all manner of genres from electro to dubstep. It got us wondering who he would most like to invite into his studio.

But first, let’s chat Triple A. The prize D&B gem on the Firepod crown, it’s actually been floating around for nearly a year… It’s in the bag of many a headline DJ, Zane Lowe pimped it as his Hottest Record In The World Right Now as far back as February this year and it’s been on almost every specialist radio show since.

“There was a point I wasn’t sure we were going to release it!” he exclaims. “But it’s had a lot of support, so we couldn’t really not release it.  It’s nice to have a track like that; have a chance to brew. Most tracks have a short life so it’s great to have a tune that’s breathed for that long. It feels great to have released it. I take it as a compliment that we can still release it.”

He’s right, in a time when releases seem to fly by with a blink of an eye, Triple A’s enjoyed a more organic, natural development that’s almost old school in its process. Naturally there’s plenty more in the pipeline…

“I wrote about 15-20 tracks that I was happy with,” Rollz – real name Matt – explains. “We picked four for this EP but there are loads more ready to roll out across a few more EPs. Let’s see how this EP is received first.”

Firepod is out now on Pilot. You can listen and download right here. In the meantime, let’s check out Rollz’s dream work experience collaborations…



Daft Punk

“I’m in danger of being a big cliché here, but I’ve always loved Daft Punk. They had a huge influence on me when getting into electronic music. Homework is such an amazing album, still to this day. Da Funk is such a tune. You could learn so much from these guys, I’d love to do something with them.”

The Prodigy

“I’d love to work with these guys. How many people have they influenced? Pretty much everyone! Fat Of The Land was huge for me, it was the first album I bought when I grew up out of pop music. I must have been about 13 and just had it on repeat repeat repeat! Diesel Power gets me every time.”


“Anything from Mozart’s day is worth a listen because it’s when they started using different temperament scales and chord progressions. Such an inspiring time for music; I know it’s impossible but I’d love to go back and work with Mozart and learn more. Here’s a little tip; if you’ve run out of ideas then put on a classically written piece of music and try and figure out some of the chords progressions and harmonies. I’ve had loads of great ideas from that.”

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.