Positive Vibes: Phace…. Special warehouse edition!

Positive Vibes: Phace…. Special warehouse edition!

To celebrate our massive rave-up with GetDarker we’ve got a very special Positive Vibes session with German tech-maestro Phace. Often spotted alongside fellow bass freak Misanthrop, the German tech-monster has gone solo for a spell and he’s performing with us THIS FRIDAY!

Yup, it’s another shout out for our insane Christmas warehouse party with GetDarker. It’s taking place on December 7 at a secret location, London and, just in case you’ve not seen it, the line-up is SICK!

On the D&B tip we have (deep breath)… Roni Size, Calibre, dBridge, Artificial Intelligence, Phace, Randall. Meanwhile in GetDarker’s arena we’re playing host to Loefah, Oneman, Artwork, Todd Edwards, DJ EZ, Youngsta, Darkside and Tunnidge.

Wicked, right? Don’t miss out and bag your ticket now!

Back to blog-wise business, we sent Phace a few warehousey questions to put us in the mood. We also asked him for a selection of tunes that instantly put him in a happy place. Tradition dictates three positive vibes tunes but not when Phace is in town. Oh no, he’s given us six. And they’re really not what you’d expect from him at all! Amazing stuff. Enjoy…

If I say warehouse rave, what instantly springs to mind?

“Long nights, short sleep!”

Please tell me your first warehouse party experience?

“Meditation“ in Mannheim Germany in 1994”

What are the key ingredients to a killer warehouse party?

“A great sound system, lots of stamina and a few good drinks!”

Do you pack a different tune selection when you’re playing at party of this proportions?

“I wouldn’t say different, but I try to make sure to keep the crowd going rather than taking them on a deeper journey.”

Have you got any cheeky new upfront material to showcase at our Xmas warehouse rave? 

“Yes I do!”

Now some positive vibes related questions… We’re talking tunes that instantly put you in an amazing mood, no matter what crap you have to deal with that day. What makes a positive vibe for you?

“Positive vibes can come through many things, for me it is usually a sum out of the following factors: Being healthy, having the right people around you and in general being happy with what you do.”

David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street

“Two of my youth heroes, it always gets me smiling when I see this! It really makes you want to dance in the streets yo!”

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

“I wish I could have seen them live, such a great band that have a big influence on my musical taste. When  I hear this song I forget everything around me and feel like getting part of a hysteric party crowd to lose it and to jump off the stage. Good times!”

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al

“Another 80s classic to get me into a happy mood. You barely find such great music videos anymore these days (unfortunately).”

Rubert Homes – (Escape) The Pina Colada Song

“Absolute classic in my memories and was a soundtrack for a specific part of my life. A simple but great story put into music! Combine it with drinking cocktails and you are set for good vibes.”

Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You

“Rock and Roll! You got to love those dudes. Perfect song for fun times with your friends and driving around!”

Paso Doble – Computerliebe (at Hitparade 1985)

“This is a very weird German band and their performance is absolute hilarious. So futuristic and cheesy that it actually hurts. Always great for a laugh!”





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