Positive Vibes: Crissy Criss

Positive Vibes: Crissy Criss

Today’s a big day for Crissy. Not only has he given us his Positive Vibes selection… But tonight, at 10pm, he’ll be enjoying a new high profile slot on 1Xtra. Taking over from Bailey for the station’s premier D&B show, Crissy is now THE man when it comes to our favourite flavour beats.

“I’m really sad to see Bailey go, man,” says Crissy. “It’s just me and Friction repping D&B on the BBC now. It’s a massive challenge! No pressure! I’ve been doing my show after Bailey for four years, it’s been good to see him every week and I appreciate and respect everything he’s done for D&B on 1Xtra.” With Crissy’s promotion comes an extra hour of broadcast badness, too. Now running from 10pm to 2am every Weds, the last hour of the show is dedicated to the hardest working, often unsung DJs on the scene. Big up the residents!

“Yeah we’ll be adding a lot of new ideas, talent and sounds, but the first is Xtra Talent,” he tells us. “New people who people have never heard of. They’ll have a chance to do a mix and tell the world about themselves. I go out to places and see these DJs and think ‘wow, these people are good! I need to tell the world about them!’ I play all over the world and have these guys playing before me and they’re sick! Some of them just keep it to themselves but I want to give them a platform. I’m a raver at heart; when I hear someone dropping a wicked set, I want to give them a hand!”

As well as fresh talent, Crissy will be repping the very best D&B cuts from the finest talent he can possibly get his hand on. PLUS a very special D&B news slot from Drum&BassArena! Just in case you’ve not checked all the exclusive news and gossip on the blog you can find it, plus more on our weekly news piece!

Tune in or listen again right here 

Back to Positive Vibes and Crissy has a problem….

“Yeah man, a big problem,” he sighs. “I chose more than three. I’ve got about 30!”

We’ve managed to refine it down to five. Each one of them showing a different side to Crissy… And an impeccable knowledge of the scene’s roots thanks to the one and only Kenny Ken. Enjoy…

Foul Play – Finest Illusion

“This came out in 1993 when I was about six. I grew up with these tunes! I got into drum & bass through my stepdad’s collection. I knew all the old tunes without even realising. People would be like ‘how do you know these tunes?’ I use to practice with them without realising how special they were! I’d scratch them all the time. I wanted to know what decks were and when he went out I’d go in and try it out. I’d scratch the dubs and break the needles then deny anything about it! I’d be banned. I had to get my own decks and buy my own records! Anyway, this is a beautiful tracks; it’s the early 90s equivalent of liquid. I’m not sure if I scratched this one badly or not!”

Booker T – Bizzi’s Party

“There was a lot of garage going down when I got into jungle. I kinda got into it because everyone else loved it but eventually ended up loving it big time myself. Just vibes, man. All the singing, the organs… It makes you want to party! This is a Sunday tune; just whack it on and clean up the house! I still listen to this in my car man.”

Doc Scott – NHS [Total Science Remix]

“I love the original, Kenny would always play it. I love the simple keys; classic hardcore! But Total Science remix? Man! So well produced. I was playing on pirate radio when this came out; I nailed it! There’s not a Total Science tune I don’t like.”

Sugar Bear – Don’t Scandalize Mine

“This makes me go crazy! If I’m having a bad day then I’m like ‘fuck this!’ and I’ll put this on. Especially in my car, man. Windows down, sound cranked up. I know every single word and I sing along. I don’t care who’s looking. All the bad vibes are gone.”

Adam F – Music In My Mind

“I was clearing out a load of CDs and saw Colours. I hadn’t listened to it for years and put it on. This came on and I was like ‘what? How did this track get past me?’ I love this so much I was shocked I never really registered it back in the day. I guess there’s so much music out there, sometimes tracks pass you by even when you actually own it… Then when you rediscover it, it’s like ‘hello!’ I love those moments.”

Catch Crissy Criss this Friday 7th September at Proud2 for Crissy Criss & Friends. For tickets and info click on the flyer below:

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.