Going For Gold! 10 Topical Tracks

Going For Gold! 10 Topical Tracks

Feel the burn!
Be the best!
Refuse or lose!
My blood, my sweat, your tears!
It’s not how big you are: It’s how big you play! 

Know any more cheesy sporting slogans? Please, don’t tell us, save them for your next gym trip; right here in our London HQ we’re saturated in sport. We can’t move for the stuff.

In fitting with current events, we thought we’d dig out 10 drum & bass tunes that include crucial winning colours in their title. Tenuous? You bet! But check them out… Each of these tunes is a total belter. And some of them we’d criminally forgotten about. So set aside an hour or so of your time and get into the spirit with this ultimate playlist of sparkling grooves… And how one might incorporate them into a rigorous training schedule.

*Disclaimer* We have no scientific evidence that these tunes would affect a training session. We have the utmost respect for all athletes who’ve dedicated their entire lives in a mission to be the best in their chosen field. Big ups to all sports crews!

Digital – Gold Amen

There is NOTHING about this two word title we don’t like. Gold, for obvious reasons. And Amen? The veritable backbone of drum & bass jungle! Best suited for that final leg of training when your entire body is wailing at you to stop… But you don’t. You carry on. You win the race. And have a little victory rave when you’re done. FYI – wait for the drums on the drop at 3m40s. If that doesn’t make you run faster, you’ve got problems son. Serious problems.

High Contrast – Fool’s Gold

The perfect ‘chips are down’ track. When you know you haven’t put everything into your last fight. A time to reflect. A time to man up. A time to have a nice little montage. Cue training sessions so early in the morning it’s actually the night before. Cue close ups of a sweaty determined face. Cue all sorts of ridiculous training methods, such as jumping off and on car bonnets and lifting old ladies in a supermarket. As the final vocal echoes out, you’re no longer a fool… And you’re ready to take the gold.

Skitty – Fool’s Gold

ANOTHER tune called Fools Gold? What is this madness? We’ll tell you what… This is the perfect ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ track. The chips were never down, but the competition has been tighter than you ever expected. Enlightening, vibrant, spine-tingling and emotive music is the order of the day. This promises that extra mile you need to push through. There’s nothing foolish about this whatsoever.

Recipe – Golden Sutra

Sutra, a common Hindu term for a short literary composition or formula. Golden Sutra – a drum & bass term for a jump up BANGER by Recipe. The half step intro is the perfect entrance music… And when it kicks off into a rude-ass bass behaviour it’s all action. No holds barred business; like all competitive sports, things can get ugly. And they don’t come uglier than this.

Fission – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn… Those rare mornings when you wake up and you just know you’re going to win. You can’t put your finger on it, it’s just there. In your bones. In your belly. In your mind. Wherever… This is the soundtrack all pro-athletes need when they’re quietly confident they’re going to nail the ass out of the forthcoming sporting event. It’s also authentically old school – just like your hard-as-nails trainer who keeps telling you your mother never loved you, how much of a pussy you’re being during training sessions and how he was made to eat coal when he trained to win gold in the last British Olympics.

Danny Byrd – Gold Rush

Nothing quite like a gold rush. Whether it’s the glitter-hungry settlers in the late 19th and early 20th century, or Usain Bolt making a mad 100m dash in a bid for that crucial first place medallion, we can’t salute this pro active behaviour enough. Danny’s take on the gold rush is typically euphoric and emphatic; best played in that very last stretch when you know that gold is yours and you’ve got time for a little showboating. Then played again when you’re strutting the streets wearing said medal and looking like a BOSS.

Cooh – Silver Spoon

Firstly, silver spoons are way better than wooden spoon. Secondly, you want to know why this tune is so gosh-darn EVIL? Because it’s punishment for scoring second place. With these vicious double kicks driving you, you’re aiming for nothing better than gold next time. Proper gritty bizzle, this is guaranteed to up any training session ante. Might even up a training session uncle too… (sorry!)

Hybrid Minds – Silver Linings

Every cloud eh? This one is for all the losers out there… Those people who just can’t accept that second place is anything else but not winning. It’s not, second best is actually really impressive. But go on, be so competitive that you can’t even recognise how well you’re already doing. Go on, have a little cry to this beautiful piece of music. Then man up and get training again!

Nphonix & Enei – Quicksliver

And this one is for all you winners out there…. Those people who can accept that second place is a pretty awesome feat. In fact they say silver is almost better; where do you go once you’ve won that gold? You’re already at the top and it’s tough to stay up there. With silver you’ve got a great accolade AND room for improvement. You’ve also got incredible rollers like this abrasive number from Nphonix & Enei. Keep it up, you massive winner!

Spor – Silver Spaceman

There are some silver winners who really should’ve won gold. They’re in the peak condition, they’ve trained their utmost, they’re the predicted favourite. But then something distracts them in the heat of the competition – a smile from a pretty lady in the crowd, some thoughtless heckler who wants them to lose, they remember they’ve left the oven on – and they lose their focus. That. Don’t be a space man, keep your eyes on the prize and use Spor’s almighty roof-smasher to well and truly FEEL THE BURN!

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Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.