Craggz & Parallel will Hurt You

Craggz & Parallel will Hurt You


The video below will make you feel seasick. It’s also not safe if you suffer epilepsy. Or if you’re allergic to mad flashing imagery.

Seriously, we see a lot of music videos here at Drum&BassArena HQ but the new video for Craggz & Parallel’s Hurt You really is something else. If you fancy some dark, deadly, not to mention rather racy escapism, just press play and immerse yourself.

Hurt You is just one of four bangers on the duo’s new Product Placement EP. Each cut oozes the icy clinical spacious funk we know and love them for. There’s also a very interesting techno twist on the EP for those who love their tempo switch ups.

It’s refreshing injection of C&P at their best. And with well over a year between this and their last dispatch, we thought we’d give Parallel a shout…

Besides Musik, on the Hospitality Summer Drum & Bass compilation a few weeks back, it’s been AGES since we heard anything from you guys. How long has it been since the last album, about 18 months?

“Yeah, pretty much. We’re very selective over what we release anyway, it has to be the best possible quality so we never rush anything out. That’s important anyway but especially so because it’s our own label. There are other influential factors too; a few months after the album we moved into a great new studio so we spent a lot of time building it up and kitting it out. The last album also explored a lot of new sounds we’re both really into, with a lot of house and techno influences. This led us to starting another project under the name Accent focussing purely on those styles. So our time has been split 50/50 between Accent and Craggz & Parallel.”

That’s the techno influence we can hear on the track Belong?

“It is! That’s the really obvious techno reference but to be honest I think you can hear all of our influences in each track in different ways. We’ve been really enjoying making all of our music and it’s been great to work in different areas. We’re beginning to pick up some very cool attention in our Accent project, which has been very encouraging. Obviously while there are techno influences on the Product Placement EP, this is much more about the drum & bass we love making.”

Of course! And there’s the video. Tell us how that came about…

“It’s with a production company called Loner Films who we’ve worked with on previous videos ‘Chamber’ and ‘Futureshock’. We had very distinctive ideas about themes and imagery within the animation and the guys were on exactly the same page. It was a bit spooky at times when we went to check on the edit and it was so close to what we had in mind. We’re really pleased with it.”

So you should be. Now tell us, is there an album on the cards. Or should we be happy we’ve had an EP from you?

“There will be another album. But as I said, we’re very very tight on quality control so an album can take any where from two to three years from start to finish. That would be great, to just totally pop off the radar for that amount of time, but it’s not really possible in the current climate. Were really happy with the EP format right now; there’s enough room to show diversity and take people on a journey, we like to think of it as more of a mini album. Were aiming to release another EP on our label before the end of the year. Who knows about an album? We’re very happy with what we’re creating in the studio right now and that’s really the most important thing.”

Thank you! Now let’s all sit back and enjoy this dark and deadly video…

HURT-YOU from Loner Films on Vimeo.

Product Placement is out now. Listen & download right here.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.