BST: British Summer Tunes!

BST: British Summer Tunes!

Ah, BST o’ clock….

Long nights, warm days, festivals, beaches, holidays, missions, beats, beers, bikinis, BBQs, flip-flops, fun and indeed frolics are all within grabbing distance. 2012 is ready to kick off.

Okay, so it’s still March. Summer isn’t quite here yet. But we’ve just been skanked an hour of our weekend! Whether you lost that hour behind the decks, on the dancefloor or in bed, you’re officially an hour down. So let’s stop what we’re doing – unless you’re a surgeon or operating heavy machinery. And if so, why are you reading this now? – and let’s take that hour back with 10 summer bangers.

British Summer Time?

Not today mate: British Summer Tunes

Here’s the deal… On Thursday we demanded our twitter followers and forum crew tell their favourite summer tunes and any cool stories that came with them. A few t-shirts were up for grabs along the way. Loads of you supplied us with tunes, a few of you had good stories. ALL of you picked some incredible British Summer Bangers.

Please note: not all of these tunes are British. Drum & Bass and summertime vibes are global. Plus it was too long-winded to explain on Twitter. So here’s an international spread of sublime, soon-to-be-seasonal sounds as picked by your fine selves.

DJ Marky & XRS Featuring Stamina – LK

Surely THE most summertimey tune ever? Loads of you suggested this one, or its chart-busting little brother Barcelona. Unashamed sunshine vibes that need no introduction; everyone’s got a great summer story attached to this one.


Resonators – Sweet Love Affair [Cyantific Remix]
Listen & Download

Bang! Stand up Matthew Heppell. His suggestion came with the ultimate summer summary: “bass turned up, sun, beers, BBQ, perfect.” Couldn’t put it better ourselves. But what wins him the t-shirt is the fact Tony London Elektricity tweeted him a big up for his choice! What a reference. What a tune. Get that bass turned up.


Lomax & Focus – 5 Weeks

“This will forever remind me of lying on the beach in Sardinia with it blaring out over the beach bar system. There was this random guy running around handing out yellow and red card to strangers who he thought were trying too hard to pose…”

A t-shirt winning summer tune and story, and a cool new game to play on the beach… You can thank proud new D&BA t-shirt owner Ascension for this one.


A.I – Desperado

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Silky rushes galore. If Desperado doesn’t shout summer to you, contact a doctor immediately: you need a soul replacement. This 2005 roller, along with its equally lush B-side Movin On, were picked by forum member CCourt who’d drop them at BBQs “under the pretence that non-D&B heads didn’t think he was being a prick.”

If anything can convert the haters, it’s an evocative double-A from Artificial Intelligence. Well played, sir. You’ve got yourself a t-shirt.


Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea
[Nu:Tone’s Papa’s Got A Brand New Guinea Mix]

Selection direct from the forum: The naughty suggestion behind it cannot be applauded with a t-shirt. But credit where it’s due: this is a BANGER! Sun beams from every beat, Future Sound Of London’s classic has been given the most respectful re-rub since High Contrast got his hands on it in 2003. Drop this at any festival and you’ll cause maximum freak-outs; even classical soirees or mosher fests. Guaranteed!


New Zealand Shapeshifter – The Touch [Netsky Remix]

Listen and download 

It was pretty hard to get stories across on Twitter’s limited text capacity but sometimes it just takes a few words. Two in this case: “absolute paradise”. The fact @House_Sam also includes he was sat on a Croatian beach last summer when he heard it gives it that extra sweet sense of place. An emphatic slice of New Zealand soul beefed up by man-of-the-moment Netsky. Summer day or night; this works. Get in touch Sam, you’ve got a t-shirt.


DJ Marky & S.P.Y – Mystic Sunset

Listen & download

“If this isn’t the most summery tune, I’ll eat my hat!” declares @HenryCRL. We salute your confidence, and wicked selection skills, but no story – no t-shirt. More’s the point; is it really the most summery tune? This is great, but there are loads of great sunshine tunes out there… These are but 10!

Let’s put this to the public? Do YOU think this is the most summery tune? Get in touch with Henry and tell him. Oh, and Henry, if you’re wrong… Please don’t eat a poor defenceless hat. They taste rubbish and will clog up your arteries something rotten.


Carlito & DJ Addiction – Just Wanna Be

Listen & Download

“Why? Because it is clearly an excellent summertime tune. And it’s my birthday on Saturday…” explains forum dude Smokey McPot. He’s not wrong; this is perfect for any sunshine scenarios, most potent as the sun begins to dip and the party goes up a gear. I’ll tell you what is wrong, though. Losing an hour’s sleep on your birthday night! We wanted stories, and that’s a sad one. Have a commiseration birthday t-shirt.


Utah Jazz – Take No More

Listen & Download

“Surely you can squeeze this into your list?” asked @zabirvalliii just minutes before we’d finished our Twitter summer tune inquisition. Yes Zabir. Yes we can. Simply because these pianos would work perfectly on any sunrise and sunset sets. Utah Jazz at his blissed-out best. No story – no t-shirt, sorry. But props on the recommendation.


Sub Zero – Poon

Listen & Download

We’ve been pretty mellow and soulful throughout this whole top 10. But NO summer is complete without a bit of rude. Festival nights = jump up. It’s simple rave maths. Arenas were made for gnarly, snarling, grizzly drum & bass, and Kelly Marina has suggested this stinking number from Tru Playa Sub Zero. Largely because it makes her “skank woop!” Us too, Kelly, us too!

Bring on the summer…

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