Anthology Series #2: Technimatic

Anthology Series #2: Technimatic

As we revealed two days ago with DJ SS, we’re proud to announce the forthcoming release of Drum&BassArena Anthology 2. Due to hit your speakers on November 4, it’s bulging with 60 cuts handpicked through the ages, dedicated to representing the sharpest, most exciting, electrifying and entertaining picture of our genre possible.

The full tracklist reads as a comprehensive D&B history lesson, stretching from Rockwell’s Tripwire to Jo’s R-Type. The three CD tracklist will be revealed next week, in the meantime we chat to one of the freshest acts on the compilation. Big up new SGN:LTD signings Technicolour and Komatic. Or, as they’re now known… Technimatic.

Take a look at their forthcoming release on SGN:LTD Unfinished Business….

Let’s chat about your contribution to Anthology 2: Turner Road… Where is Turner Road? What’s on Turner Road? Should we find it and check it out?

“If you can find it, give us a shout and let us know! Turner Road was actually one of our favourite bottles of red wine that we discovered while making music in the studio. Unfortunately it has since been discontinued and replaced with an alternative that just doesn’t cut the mustard.”

Sorry to hear that. Was it a fun or easy tune to create? Or one of those really annoying ones that take ages to properly nail? 

“It was one of those ones that came together really quickly. We’d been messing around with a sample for a while and thought we could do something with it, but it was just in a basic chopped up pattern. We played with it a little bit further to develop the pattern even more and before we knew it the track started to build extremely quickly.”

Nice. Now then, Anthology 2 is a celebration of our genre through the ages. All its many flavours, factions and formulas… What tunes, DJs and artists got you into D&B?

(Komatic) “I first started getting into D&B in the early 90s, listening to One In The Jungle on Radio 1 and through various tape packs either borrowed or copied that were doing the rounds among my group of mates at the time. I guess the first tunes that really opened me up to the genre were Engineers Without Fears – Spiritual Aura, LTJ Bukem – ‘Horizons’ (still gets me to this day) and Intense – ‘The Dreamer’.  All of these tunes opened up a different side of drum and bass to the stuff I’d only been exposed to through hardcore raves when a jungle DJ would come on in between.  DJ-wise it would have to be DJ Hype for the scratching, tricks and style, Mickey Finn for his unique ability to play tune after tune after tune and DJ SS for his signature intro VIPs. Artists I would have to say Bukem, Krome & Time and Shy FX.

(Technicolour) “I originally got into jungle during the early 90s listening to pirate radio in Luton where I’m originally from. The town had a very strong rave scene, as well as a brilliant record shop called Soul Sense. I used to spend most of my time outside of school in there, buying records and hanging out with friends. So the early stuff that originally got me hooked was by the likes of Bizzy B, Intense, Peshay etc. But Good Looking Records early releases changed my whole outlook, turning jungle into something I liked, into something I was completely obsessive about.”

Who would you include in a D&B Hall Of Fame?

“Fabio or Grooverider.  Without either of them, none of this would have started.”

And who should be the most recent artist to bless the Hall Of Fame?


If you were putting together an anthology what tunes would you include from these eras… 93-2003? 2004-2010? 2010-2012?

1993 – 2000 – Johnny L – Piper (Grooverider Remix)

2004 – 2010 – High Contrast – Return of Forever

2010 – 2012 – Alex Clare – Treading Water (Lenzman Remix)

The best thing about D&B is….

“Nothing is off limits.  Take your style and throw it at it and nobody will tell you your wrong to do it.”

D&B would be even better if…. 

“Every single club had a wine cellar and a fully stocked cheese fridge.”

Drum&BassArena Anthology 2 is out November 4 (download) and November 5 (3xCD)

Tune in next week as we speak to more of the players involved… And announce the full tracklist!  



Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.