You can leave your hat on

You can leave your hat on


Always at the forefront of cutting-edge new street wear and trends, the Drum&BassArena shop has been stocked with new merch! And what better timing than to coincide with London Fashion Week?

With Fashion Week in town it’s that time of year where we’re made painfully aware of our own fashion choices and are presented with some pretty confusing pieces at the show itself. The event claims to be a celebration of the world’s cutting-edge trends, but often leaves us scratching our heads about what constitutes a good look (see above image). Nice errrm.. hat? Or did she accidently don the cone meant for her cat after it had surgery? Hey, whatever floats your boat!!

Anyway, it got us thinking: what do our fashion choices say about us? Often what we wear makes a statement about who we are and what we represent. The new pieces we have in store give you the opportunity to do just that, and allow you to wear something that represents what we stand for. When we think drum & bass, we don’t think of it as a run-of-the-mill genre we listen to every once in a while. It’s more than that. It’s a lifestyle. A movement that has been going strong over over 20 years. As Goldie put it, ever so eloquently: “It can convey any emotion, present any message, it can be entrenched in complexity or it can revel in genius simplicity”. This is what we’ve tried to capture in our new designs.

Working with the Fair Wear Foundation, which endeavours to improve labour conditions for garment workers all over the world, we have some fresh new tees for you to strut down the catwalk of life. Unlike our friend in the image at the top, we’ve aimed for simplicity in the new t-shirt designs and created a fresh spin on the traditional logo. The wire-frame design is different, but still easily recognisable as Drum&BassArena’s trademark.

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Along with this, in an effort to stay true to the old school, and as an homage to fashion trends reminiscent of hip hop culture of the 90s, we’ve got a fresh new cap to top off your look. Fashion Week tells us that vintage is always in, and the embroidered ‘AMEN!’ in our trademark yellow is a throwback to this aforementioned style of the 90s, which also pays respect to the amen break, from which drum & bass and hip hop were spawned.

AMEN Flatcaps

So if you can’t see yourself donning an outfit that makes you look like a walking hi-hat, then head to our merch store to keep it real and stay true to the music we love with our street wear range. Now you’re in vogue.

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