WATCH: Goldie & Rudimental Weigh in on the Success of D&B

WATCH: Goldie & Rudimental Weigh in on the Success of D&B
8 Sep, 2015

There’s no doubt that D&B has experienced a boom in popularity in the charts of late, but opinions are split about what this means for the genre.

While some argue that popularity and chart success are a positive thing in spreading the good word of D&B, others maintain that the artistic integrity of a genre that formed as a ‘fuck you’ to commercial conventions has been compromised.

Goldie & Rudimental weighed in on the debate on Channel 4 news and made some pretty solid points. To all the bedroom DJs out there dreaming of chart success, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: Could you go B2B with Goldie?

Check the full video here…



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