Upcoming Artist Q&A: Emperor

Upcoming Artist Q&A: Emperor

Please introduce yourselfTitan Impact Logo

My name is Conor Corrigan I’m 18 years old and I produce under the name ‘Emperor’. I’m from Colne in Lancashire, but I currently live in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

What type of music do you produce?

My main output is drum and bass, although I’ve also produced some Dubstep as well. I love occasionally producing other genres such as ambient and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) too, although I haven’t really shown these bits to people yet.


How old were you when you first started producing and how old were you when you made your first finished track?

I actually started out producing trance when I was about 13 years old. I used to record different sounds from my old Yamaha keyboard into Audacity and (poorly) mashing them together. I used to love stuff like dance and techno music and eventually I stumbled across a demo of FL Studio when I was around 14 or so, since then I’ve always been producing. My first finished track wasn’t very good at all, but I feel I’ve progressed so much more since then.

Who/what are your influences, what got you in to producing music?

Coming from an extremely musical family, I was exposed to all different kinds of music from an early age, blues, metal, jazz, you name it. However, I’ve always gravitated towards the technological aspect of music. I feel like I’m a really creative person, so I just needed to produce something I could be proud of and say, “Hey, this is me and this is what I’m about.” I’ve been inspired by tons of artists and labels and to name but a few; Spor, Apex, Break, Noisia, Kasra, Alix Perez, Octane & DLR, Periphery, Siriusmo & tons more! I think a big turning point for me was when I first heard Spor – 1up. As soon as it dropped I got chills down my spine and have been hooked on D&B ever since.

What equipment do you use?

I use FL Studio 9 to produce, and I’m using KRK RP5 G2’s with a Safire 6 USB Soundcard to monitor with. Occasionally I’ll use my AT2020 to record things and put them in tracks, I love doing bits of experimental recordings to make new layers in the stuff I do. I actually don’t have any hardware I produce with which is a real shame. I would love to get my hands on some real vintage compressors though. Everything I make is done with software, I love using iZotope Ozone and Camelphat3. I can’t recommend the latter enough, it works wonders on basses! I love using the 3xOSC which is a massively under rated plugin. I tend to run it through Camel phat for the best results.

How would you describe your sound?

I try not to make my tunes sound too similar. I love working in different ways between my tunes as you tend to get some great outcomes. I think I definitely have a sound, but I try to make my stuff sound fresh and distinguishable every time I make something new. I find a lot of artists seem to stick to one particular vibe or set of samples which is okay, but really when an artist makes 6 tunes along a similar vibe it gets a bit stale. My stuff tends to be a bit heavier, but with music elements too. I’d like to think it’s a bit of a balance between the two.

You have a release on Titan Records sister label Titan Impact, could you tell us a little more about this please?

The first track on the release, ‘Avenger’, took about 5 months to finish which is the longest I’ve spent on a tune. The original idea was something I spent about 5 minutes on and just forgot about. A few weeks later I came across it while experiencing a writers block and had an urge to finish it. A.M.C has been following and playing my tunes for quite a few years now and we have always kept contact with each other. I sent him ‘Avenger’ and he loved it, so we sorted out a release. I produced the next tune, ‘Time to Play’ and we took it from there. I’m really excited about it! Titan Impact will be a fantastic label and I’m honored to kick start with the first release. My tracks ‘Avenger’ and ‘Time to Play’ are out now on all major download stores on Titan Impact, so go grab it, it’s essential!

If you could give any tips to up and coming producers what would they be?

Do your own thing. Don’t try to sound too much like your influences, it’s what will set you apart from everybody else. Have a genuine passion for doing it, and you will progress further and further. It’s also very important to network as much as possible, so just be respectful to everybody you speak to… it’s not a good idea making enemies so soon! With hard work and determination you will start getting places.

Where would you like to see your self in the future, what are your aspirations?

I’d just love to be getting my sound out to the masses, playing nights with the artists that have inspired me! After sitting in my bedroom producing for the past 5 years, I think it’s about time I started getting my sound out there! I’ve started getting support from some fantastic producers and DJ’s. My track ‘Network’ is forthcoming on Symmetry Recordings, which I’m mega happy with. So this is definitely the start of something good. For now though, check out my Soundcloud and make sure you grab my new release on Titan Impact on the 19th of December! 

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