The Return Of D&BTV!

The Return Of D&BTV!

Attention all drum & bass lovers! Let’s kick the week off with an exciting announcement:


It’s the answer to the question you’ve all been asking… Behind the scenes we’ve been deep in a technical exercise of next-level proportions: plotting, planning, tweaking and programming.

And now we’re finally ready to roll out these plans. On Wednesday January 23 we will re-launch D&BTV on a brand new YouTube channel. The new show will be a brand new format including unique news, interviews and the very best new videos.

This is just the beginning…

Very soon you’ll be able to enjoy all the D&BTV content on its own website. And it will be bulging with the very best content the channel has always been known and loved for: Live and archived DJ sets, event streams, interviews, tutorials, videos and plenty more.

Wednesday’s show on YouTube marks the very start of our exciting plans for 2013. Please head here, subscribe and tune in at 7pm!

D&BTV: What do YOU want to see?

We are going to make D&BTV the very best platform for drum & bass content on the planet. So tell us what you want to see!

D&BTV is for you: the modern day junglist. Tell us your favourite DJ, label or event. Or what type of interview you’d like to see. What did you love about D&BTV before? How can we make it better?

There’s a comment box with your name on it below. Let us know what you think – any feedback is hugely appreciated and will help us make the relaunched D&BTV channel even more efficient, informative and, most importantly, massively exciting.


Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
  • Hey,

    Glad to hear the badly missed D&BTV will be making a return! I’ll certainly be tuning in again. I’d just like to ask for more on the liquid funk vibes since I feel this type of music doesn’t seem to be as well known as the more commonly heard jump up, dark, rollin and dubstep stuff. My favourite labels are Hospital Records, Soul:r, Signature, Liquid V and Metalheadz to name a few and my favourite artists are Logistics, Calibre, Lenzman, Commix, Artificial Intelligence and Marcus Intalex.
    I look forward to hearing the new beats over the coming weeks and checking out the website when ready.
    Kind Regards,

  • Erik

    Sounds Great!
    Would be flipping out if i could see the 3-Gresham Combo again (like in the #193 Livestream)

    Big Ups!

  • Would like to see some more competitions for new talent, the upcoming artists we may not see when out Raving and of course the big guns! AMC, Insideinfo and C4C etc


  • Django

    YES! Huge news, its been soo long. Hope all the old sets get uploaded! How about another D&BTV live at concrete space to kick things off? And it would be cool if we could download the D&BTV lives as mp3s on the site, or even as podcasts

  • AMnsiac

    Yo,nice to see dnbtv back,
    would be cool to see some of the darker artists on the wheels in the new year,like techitch,Dylan,Donny,Robyn Chaos….a Therapy Session Takeover for example.

    All other styles are pretty good covered by your showz me thinkz

    • Josh

      I’m into that stuff also. I highly doubt that will happen. DnBarena seems to cater more to softer DnB.

  • Interviews with influential artists! Love hearing what they have to say about tracks of theirs that I properly dig.


  • JC Stoner

    Good news!!

    I would love to see a set again from 2004 with the mighty ZINC, mc Navigator and Det. I have tried to find it again an again over the past years but since u took it of i never found it again. THX

  • Sadrick

    It would be great, if you make a video report from biggest indoor dnb festival in the world – Pirate Station Revolution in Saint-Petersburg february, 16.
    There will be wonderful show with interesting line-up (Friction, Qemists, Netsky, Pendulum, Neonlight, Tantrum Desire etc.) and more than 25000 dancing people!
    It would be awesome! Hope to see you there!

  • mynamesbill

    Finally! Since I’m from America and don’t get to attend live DnB events so I’d like to see more coverage of the big events like Sun and Bass, Innovation, Snow and Bass, etc. Having AMC be the “resident” again would be awesome too!

  • Raki

    great news !
    even bigger if a reupload of #200 ALIX PEREZ B2B ICICLE is planned !


  • Romans

    Dear Sirs!!

    Thanks for that awesome news these evening!!!!

    I would like to see the video – 2010-09-29 – VA @ D&BTV Live 119, East Village, London (A.I “Stand Alone” Album Launch)
    Thanks in andvance!!!

  • We’re glad to know that guys are back!!
    RAM, Hospital & Shogun would be an awesome choice!

  • gakas

    What about the old videos?

  • ZedsDeadBaby

    Mistanoize with mc fearless

  • junglevibes

    Definitely need a RAM show, also Wickaman – his new EP with RV smashed it!

  • Tom

    Just as you were before really, mixing it up each week with genre themed shows and label based shows, say like Low down deep special one week, metalheadz the next, more east village too!

  • Yes, glad to see this will be back up! Would be nice to see some production tutorials 😛

  • afonso

    nice to see the coming back of those sessions, however would be great that you could upload the past shows aswell…..good luck

  • djmarky, Spy, Need For Mirrors, Dub Phizix, Break, Ulterior Motive, Technicolour Komatic, Mefjus, Grafix and fred V, netsky, !!!!

    thanks to bring the vibe back again

  • Stephen

    In the words of Risky; this is HEAVYWEIGHT! Lets DO this!!

    This is fantastic news, I have missed D&BTV so much as it gets me through the day at work no end

    I agree with Django, it would be nice to be able to download mp3’s of the sets from the new website (even for a small charge) as not always able to stream Youtube channels depending on location, unfortunately missed some of the #200 live show and the site went down before I could see them so I hope these videos are uploaded again.

    Cant wait to subscribe and get viewing again!

    Awesome news

  • mefjus.

  • shaun symonds

    yes lets see more new talent i suggest running a dj comp on here and do more live shows down at east village personally speaking you guys need to try and arrange a monthly event at some venues elsewhere i suggest birmingham as that is a very popular area as well as concorde in brighton!!! and two people you need to get on their is critycal dub!!! 🙂

  • renasboy

    What about music production?

    We could have some nice introduction to proper d’n’b production from the MASTERS.

    What softwares to use, how to use synth to create sounds, how to sequence them to make the loop or whole track, how to treat and use samples, how to use automation and most important how to master and mix so you get a good quality result.

    It could be really simple in the beginning and I am sure the community will take care of the rest.

    Count me in!!

  • Alex G

    So glad to see D&BTV make a return. All I would like to see added is just more of the same stuff. More interviews with artists and also record label owners. Looking forward to the new YT and eventually website. Keep up the good work.


  • Robin hood

    Andy c videos, the dnba 11th birthday at minstry was the one! bring it back

  • Thorenzz

    Give us more liqud please!!! And also give a space to talented djs and producers. Glad to see u back. Thanks.

  • Bombscare

    I would like to see EVERY old set you have on there, right back to the start.

  • I reckon you should do more competitions for up and coming DJ’s to break through. Monthly, every 2 months….every 6 months…What ever is possible basically. It’s the perfect platform to allow people to vote for their favorite DJ’s and give them the fighting chance they need to start playing more & more shows live. Your previous competitions have been great, but have them more often now than you did back then.
    Also, maybe a Radio station too where you have resident DJ’s with slots. It’ll certainly be the biggest online D&B radio station out there!

  • I’d like to see more liquid dnb mixes interviews etc!!! Plus pay attention to Russian producers – they make awesome vibes these days! check out Flame, Receptor, Engage , Derrick & Tonika and sooo many more famous producers! I’d like to hear them too for they produce good stuff indeed!!!Thanks a lot for reading my feedback