Sencity: Wake Up And Smell The Music

Sencity: Wake Up And Smell The Music


We all know we’re equipped with 5 senses, and yet on an average night out the only way our senses are stimulated are by music blaring from a sound system, a light that occasionally flashes to illuminate an otherwise dark room, and the occasional unintentional whiff of some foul body odour. But do you ever stop and think about the senses we’re neglecting, and how the entire experience would change if those senses were stimulated?

Enter Sencity – a unique event being held in London’s Oval this weekend. They’ve pondered all of this and much more, and they’re spicing things up by creating a whole new raving experience, and boy does it sound wicked!

Already running for over 10 years, the event has reached almost every corner of the globe, stretching as far as Australia, South Africa, South America, the USA, The Netherlands and more! And now, this Friday the 24th of October and Saturday the 25th of October, Sencity are descending on London and they’re getting set to tantalise all of our senses during this unique event, which brings together a vibrant team who will make you question how you’ve been experiencing music up until now.

Over the two nights they are bringing 13 DJs, including the likes of Utah Jazz, Fabio & Grooverider, Hybrid Minds, BCee, Bryan Gee, DJ Bailey and more, across a vibrating dance-floor with expressive dancers, taste sensations, video projections, light effects, ‘feel-the-music suits’, VJs and aroma jockeys from Holland – that’s right, AROMA JOCKEYS. What’s an aroma jockey you ask? They mix scents as the DJ mixes beats, identifying the emotion within a track and matching it with a scent, creating exciting possibilities never associated with raving before. The whole concept is built around going beyond music and creating an entire experience. They’re taking raving to the next level, and they’re making it accessible for everyone. Seems like we aren’t the only ones intrigued by this exciting idea. We caught up with Utah Jazz ahead of his appearance at the event to see how he felt being a part of such a unique experience:

“This is going to be a unique night of clubbing like never before and I’m really excited to be part of the show.

I’ve brought together some of my current hottest producers such as Furney, BCee & Hybrid Minds alongside some of my all time favourite DJs including Fabio, Grooverider, Bryan Gee & Bailey – to help people experience different emotions through their music.

On top of this, I know Sencity have got quite a few multi-sensory tricks up their sleeve so all in all this will be a show to remember!”

Utah Jazz

There are more ways than one to experience music, so join the Sencity crew in celebrating all 5 of your senses in this unique and exciting event.

Tickets for Friday 24th October are available here.

Tickets for Saturday 25th October are available here.

Full weekend passes are available here.

Head over to Sencity’s Facebook page to keep up to date with future events.

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