Octane & DLR reveal Method In The Madness

Octane & DLR reveal Method In The Madness

What can you do in 3minutes 49seconds?

Sounds like the perfect cake eating time to us. Maybe you can send a few emails? Or purchase a track or two from our download store? In fact scientists have proven it’s the perfect amount of time for you to indulge in one of our blog posts.

It’s also the perfect amount of time it takes to listen to the incredible link we have below. The very first online teaser of Octane & DLR’s eagerly awaited debut album Method In The Madness. Murmer, a collaboration with the ever-trusty Break, was first aired by Radio1’s chief drum & bass ambassador DJ Friction a few weeks back. But now you can access it at your leisure. And it’s WELL worth 3minutes 49seconds of your time…

“People might think we’ve been a bit quiet recently but trust me we haven’t!” laughs DLR. “We’ve been working very very hard on this. Apart from gigs we’ve pretty much been hibernating for the last six months, making sure the this is as good as it can possibly be.”
Listen to the rolling drums, harrowing pads and ruthless mechanical bass for a true taste of their precision engineering. If Murmer is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat when the album lands next month via Dispatch Recordings. You can also expect an excitingly wide sonic spread.

“If you know us, you know we won’t take the usual approach to the album. Or anything we do,” says DLR. “Both of us strive to be different and keep things interesting for us and our fans. If we think we’re doing something similar to other people we’ll look to switch it up! We want people to stop and think ‘woah! Where’s this come from?’ We’ve been making tech funk for a long time but we’re not the type of people to write a whole album of it. Half of it will be what people expect. The other half will be pretty experimental – different styles and different things you might not expect from us.”

You can expect the unexpected pretty soon… Murmur is out, along with B-side Red Mist later this month as an album sampler. And the full release will follow in a matter of weeks. Check in with Drum&BassArena this time next month for another teaser before the big day looms. In the meantime, keep your next 3minutes 49seconds free and listen to THIS:

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