Mind Vortex – Q&A

Mind Vortex – Q&A

The debut Ram Records release from Mind Vortex is out today, so we caught up with the duo for a mini-interview and Top 10.

Can you give us a run down of each track?

Now It’s Time is our take on the liquid funk vibe, with a soulful vocal we love to listen to on a summer’s day. This track comes naturally to us as we used to be in a jazz band and love feel good vibes.

Hotbox is a track we made specifically for the floor but at the same time incorporates our love for epic intros and a massive soundscapes. It was then tried and tested by Andy C all over the world and it was the crowd reaction which meant that was our first single.

They are very different in terms of style: is there one of you that lead the or are you both into both styles?

We’re both very musical and we both love all styles and flavors of drum & bass and want to show that in our music.

What inspires you in each of those styles – who are your influences in each?

We’ve pretty much listened to every kind of music going, from classical to funk, rock, dance, jazz even cool gamelan tribal bands. So our inspirations come from all aspects of music and we like to express that as much as we can through our music.

Check out Mind Vortex’s Top 10 tracks

The new single Now It’s Time / Hotbox is out now on Ram Records.


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