Mars Recordings

Mars Recordings

Not content with bringing one highly distinguished and musically focused label to the notice of the scene, Clive ‘Psylence’ is on the brink of launching his second.

Mars Recordings is on course to release a dazzling spectrum of retrospective liquid drum & bass, with MARS001 offering the textured, film noir sounds of dRamatic & dbAudio. His first label Ingredients Recordings grew astronomically within the space of a couple of years to become one of the most respected niche, deep drum & bass outfits around, releasing artists such as Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Krakota, Foreign Concept and Genotype.

We caught up with Clive Psylence to ask a few questions about his latest venture and get a feel for this new label.

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What made you decide to launch Mars Recordings?

I’m really enjoying running Ingredients, it was a challenge and it’s great seeing new artists flourish. But Mars is like a throwback for me to my favourite years in drum & bass.

I used to love guys like Wax Doctor, Alex Reece, LTJ Bukem and I wanted to run a new label with a designated theme, because Ingredients is like an open forum for all kinds of styles of D&B.

Why ‘Mars’?

“Mars” is basically the core of why I loved that era, Fabio & Bukem had their now seminal night “Speed” down Charing Cross road, and this was held at The Mars Bar.


Can you reveal any artists you have been discussing a Mars release with, or any specific plans after this dRamatic & dbAudio release?

I’m going to be working quite a lot with dRamatic & dbAudio on Mars, it’s also their sound, so they’re more than happy to feature on it. I’ve also got some killer music from Mute & Mako, Paul T & Edward Oberon & Dub Phizix, which are the next four releases respectively. I’ve also got a tune from Dub One & Ed:it, who is a new kid from Nottingham.

Have you got any events coming up to launch the label or anything we should keep an eye out for?

I’m launching it at Cafe1001 on Brick lane on Friday October 28th. It’s a free night & it runs between 7pm until 12am. All the guys above will be there playing & we also have a special guest appearance from DJ Lee. He used to be a resident at Speed so it’s a real pleasure to have him play the final hour at my launch.