Latest Code Deployment

Latest Code Deployment
8 Dec, 2010

We deployed some new code today across Drum & Bass Arena and the Download store. Here are a few things we’ve introduced:

1. New header design

We thought it was time to change the header a little, we’ve gone back to the classic “black on yellow” design for the logo and made the tabs a bit neater.

The header also features a persistent shopping cart, so you can see what items you have in your cart wherever you are on the site, as well as letting you checkout directly from the homepage.

2. Free WOWee One portable speaker

Anyone who spends more than £30 in the download store gets a free WOWee speaker. We’ve been playing with our own WOWees for a while and they sound great.

3. Download ZIP processor

We’ve rewritten the download store zip processing engine,it’s now blazingly fast and generates ZIP files for you to download in minutes.

4. Drum&BassArena Blog

You’re here reading it! We thought we’d give you a behind the scenes look.

Visit Drum & Bass Arena now to see the changes for yourself:

That’s it for now – hope you enjoy these new features. Let us know what you think or if you spot any bugs/issues!