Fourward: Countdown EP

Fourward: Countdown EP

Austria’s latest drum and bass export Fourward are back with a bang with their massive Countdown EP. Coming our way on Friction’s Shogun Audio, it’s drum & bass on premium steroids.

Redefining the term filth, the EP takes us on a journey: the techy sounds of Countdown with Kyza, the Noisia-esque Wise Guys and the massive Phase Align. The EP starts AND ends with a bang. In a word: Sick.

We had a quick chat with the foursome to discuss the EP, the Austrian scene, and what it means to reach the number one spot.

It seems the drum and bass scene in Austria is thriving! Is there something in the water out there?
We’re pretty sure it isn’t the water! But yeah, it’s definitely a very good time for drum and bass in Austria at the moment. Apart from the well-established producers, there are a lot of young, talented guys as well that will hopefully get more attention soon.

How long has the Countdown EP been in the making?
From start to finish this EP was done in about 3 months. It took us a bit to find out where we wanted to go with it, but once we had a few ideas gathered together, the final phase of the project went pretty fast.

The EP title track with Kyza is massive. How did the collaboration come about?
We didn’t know Kyza personally before the collab happened… we got in contact with him over the guys at Shogun Audio. It all happened very quick, very professional. We sent him the instrumental and he liked it. After a few weeks he sent us the vocals and everything was absolutely perfect. He nailed it!

We see you’ve reached number 1 in a few of the big download charts – congratulations. What does this mean for Fourward?

Of course we are very thankful for the support we are getting from our fans at the moment. Commercial success is important to us, and being number 1 in the charts feels great, so thanks to everyone who buys our music! At the same time though, it’s always about what’s coming next. Every time one of our projects gets released, we are already knee-deep in the production of the next one, but sometimes it’s nice to step back and try to enjoy the moment, before diving back into the next tune, especially when the current release is so successful.

How did you end up coming together as a foursome?
We were friends many years before Fourward was born. Making music together was just for fun for the first couple of years.

You had your first UK gig last weekend at the UKF Motion Bristol takeover. What took you so long to play out here?
We really couldn’t ask for a bigger night to have our UK debut! We don’t really know what took us so long to play a show in England, we had a few booking requests over the past few years, but somehow it just never happened.

How does the music that you release as Fourward differ from your individual creations?
At the moment we are doing pretty much 100% Drum & Bass as Fourward. Outside of the group anything goes. Especially with Lukas, who is working on loads of other musical styles.

Aside from what’s cracking at your new home Shogun Audio, what are your thoughts on drum and bass in 2014?
There’s a lot of variation within the scene at the moment, more than ever it feels. Lots of people are pushing lots of different flavours but at the end it’s all drum and bass. That’s one of the things we love most about it, if you’re good at what you’re doing, people will love and support it.

What are some of the biggest tunes you’re playing out and about right now?
The new Emperor & Mefjus EP is absolutely huge, as is ‘God’s Neighbours’ by Ulterior Motive, ‘Gully’ by Frankee, and the forthcoming EP from The Upbeats. There’s too many to name them all.

Any up and comers that you are rating right now?
One of the most interesting guys at the moment for us is Fre4knc from the Netherlands. He sent us a few tunes and we love them all, very unique style, great production. One to watch out for in the future!

Who has the most annoying studio habits?
We are all annoying each other, it would be unfair to pick one haha!

Are you guys friends away from music, or is it strictly business?
It’s both, we are all friends, but once the studio door closes, it’s on. Hours can go by without a word that isn’t about the current tune.

Tell us something about Fourward that nobody knows….
Ludwig and Niklas were friends in Kindergarden, before Lukas was even born!!

What does 2014 hold for Fourward?
Hopefully loads of new music and gigs, we haven’t had enough yet!

If you’ve been sleeping, the digital release of the Countdown EP is available to buy now. Vinyl heads can catch the wax here.


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