Drum&BassArena Awards 2019: A New Chapter…

Drum&BassArena Awards 2019: A New Chapter…

Finally we can reveal that this year’s Drum&BassArena Awards are getting the remix treatment once again…

Save the date: December 9.

Much like last year, we’ve tweaked a few things to make the Awards even better and accessible for our growing fanbase around the world. This year that means there will be no live ceremony, instead it will be a full TV-level broadcast with all the results, more in-depth information, more insight from your favourite artists and more salutes for the entire scene.

Whilst we love a good-ol’ fashioned piss up with our extended D&B family, it’s time to break out of our industry bubble and focus on the awards themselves and the stories behind them. It’s set to be our best Awards yet – here’s why, and exactly what to expect…

2019 has been year of highs, and a year of lows. It’s been a year filled with global instability and insecurity on so many levels, but one thing has remained constant, and that’s the passion and energy our genre continues to inspire and stir in so many of us around the globe.

As we come hurtling into a new decade it’s time to reflect on the year that’s seemingly rolled by in a flash. It’s time to pause and look back on the year that was, and each year we take the time to reflect and appreciate via the Drum&BassArena Awards. With Round 2 voting now complete, we’re busy tallying your votes and looking forward to an exciting new chapter.

Our Awards were originally launched with the global community in mind. A way to bring the D&B-loving community together, and to get some love and appreciation flowing in an industry that often finds itself too busy to stop, reflect and pat each other on the back for all the hard work throughout the year. This ethos has remained untouched these past 11 years, and will always be at the forefront of our Awards mission, which is why we’ve decided to mix things up again the way we have this year.

We introduced a new format to the Awards last year, moving the ceremony to YouTube Space London with our presenter Dave diving deep into the results, offering a wider commentary about the year in music, alongside interviews with winners and key industry figures as Jenna G handed out the awards. This year we’re expanding on that concept and will be presenting the entire ceremony as a D&BTV-style broadcast.

What does this mean for those of you watching at home? It means a more informative and focussed show than ever before. As always, the one and only Jenna G will be presenting the results, with Dave hosting interviews with some award winners, nominees and industry figures, as well as providing analyses and a deep dive into the Awards and the year in music.

This year we’ve seen a shift in the movement. A shift that’s inspired a renewed sense of energy and motivation from the scene’s innovators and OG founders. A shift that’s inspired a whole new generation of talent to prove themselves as forces to be reckoned with, continuing to push the sound forward and keep it evolving. A shift that’s moved a whole new legion of fans to get immersed in this scene.

If you’ve been to a festival this year, then you’ll likely know the energy we’re referring to. If you’ve been to a club night this year you’ll know the vibe too. If you’ve even had a single toe dipped in the deep pool of releases that have rolled out this year then you’ll know the year has seen one of the most inspired shifts we’ve experienced in years. It’s time to reflect and appreciate, and our new-format ceremony is going to do just that.

More info on the broadcast to come soon – stay tuned, and check out how things went down at YouTube Space London last year…

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