Drum&BassArena Awards 2018: Date & Venue Revealed

Drum&BassArena Awards 2018: Date & Venue Revealed

It’s time for a change…

After nine years of hosting a large-scale awards ceremony in London at respected venues such as Brixton Electric, the O2 Indigo and the Clapham Grand, the 10th annual Drum&BassArena Awards will be hosted in an entirely different way…

On December 12 the Drum&BassArena Awards will be held at YouTube’s London HQ. We’ll still be inviting the top voted nominees, the show will still be presented by the one and only Jenna G and the trophies will be handed out in real time. But things are changing….

This year the Drum&BassArena Awards are inviting the world.

We’re catering for fans from every corner of the drum & bass loving globe. The fans who buy the music, who pay for tickets to shows and follow the fan pages. The people who actually make these awards happen. We want to create an awards experience that’s for music fans. Not just something for those able to spend a night in London.

It’s been beautiful getting the industry to congregate for a rare night off. We love what we have achieved with the Drum&BassArena Awards so far. But after nine years of providing that unique space and moment in time, it’s time to switch it up and go fully digital.

We’ll be utilising YouTube’s studios and technology to host the best live stream that will cover the awards ceremony plus live interviews with the winners and reviews of their years looking at exactly why they’ve won, along with reactions from our D&B broadcasting pundit and YOU as we respond to social media comments in real time. Positive or negative.

After nine years of playing the traditional award game and showing that drum & bass can behave in that grown up, sensible sit-down VIP world, we’ve decided to reboot: we’re levelling up to a much more intimate space and delivering something much more contemporary, much more engaging, and much more fan-focused.

So save the date: December 12.

Join us exclusively on the Drum&BassArena YouTube channeland keep an eye out for the final nominee announcement coming soon…

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