Zero T’s Golden Section

Zero T’s Golden Section

Zero T‘s activities seem to have been mounting steadily over time towards the release of Golden Section in recent times and you just felt something pretty special was approaching. That ‘something’ being a part of a craft with roots back in Dublin’s Bassbin culture, extending right through to now. Either way his Golden Section album is a knockout. So we spoke.

First off about the album what inspired ‘Late Night Movies’ and that ace title? What ARE some fave late night movies?

‘Late Nite Movies’ was the name of my local video shop when I was a kid growing up in Dublin city… I’m a huge film lover and this place was where I got my education.

I couldn’t give a list of favorites, we’d be here all day… but some recent documentaries Cowspiracy, Supermench and Kung Fu Elliot were all great, albeit in very different ways.

The album has been a long time coming I feel? It feels like it’s been built up over time, it’s organic.

I never actually sat down to write an LP. It originally was a follow up EP to ‘Roxy Music’: Ant TC1 kept signing tracks as they were coming until one day, my auld mucker Fierce pointed out that this was basically an LP. You could say it was so organic it was basically an accidental LP!

I think this way suits me. I’ve always made a range of moods and styles of D&B, so I will naturally have a balance of tracks to pick from in any given batch..

‘Macushla’: man this is what I mean about the album being a trip: this is sooooo nice, so beautifully-crafted… can you take us behind it? Is the title a person, or a place?

It’s actually a possessive pronoun in Gaelic/Irish, loosely meaning “My Darling/My Precious”

It’s my little love letter to my muse, and is definitely my favorite track on the LP.

You’ve been in D&B for some time so what changes have you seen of late? Good and bad.

My debut release was in 2000, and the landscape of music in general is entirely different to that time… technology has made everything more accessible which has seen a worldwide explosion in D&B – a fantastic thing!

I sometimes feel that something gets lost when it’s so easy to get music software/sample packs/youtube tutorials and be making songs the same day you decide to get into it.

When I started out – jesus I sound old! – it required a huge investment of time and money and there was no internet to teach you how to use all the various bits of gear.

I do believe that the best things are hard fought for, but having said that, real talent always shines through. Ultimately this music has shown that it’s now a permanent fixture… it’s worldwide and it’s not going anywhere.

Love the title track… can you tell us what inspired it?

There’s a long version and a short version of this story: the title was borne out of a conversation with my better half. That was the short version.

What’s another Golden Section story?

It was all written whilst sitting on chez longue.

‘Stay With With You’ has that amazing unknowable quality that original liquid funk has: slamming but dead unpredictable. One of the best tunes of the year.

Glad you like it! This is one of those “in between” tracks… tough beats and bass, but with music and vocal elements.

I try not to be derivative when I write, but theres no denying the inspiration I’ve taken from dBridge’s Monochrome Ep – and all his music from this period – on this one.

What inspired ‘Good for Nothing’? Sensational!

I’ve always loved D&B’s ability to incorporate vibes and influences from anywhere and everywhere. My basic idea was to have a big musical intro dropping into rugged beats and a “Fierce” inspired b-line.

I’ve been working with him constantly over the last 18 months and his influence shows on the rythym section of this one. When he heard this he immediately asked “Can you give me one withouth the vocal… and chords” Ha ha.

And so the Dub version was born, props to Danny on this one. He should really have “executive producer” credits.

What tune’s in your head right now, any genre?

Pete Rock ‘Heaven and Earth’ off his new Petestrumentals LP.

I could literally listen to this on loop for a week. Perfection!

And what album, of any genre would you have loved to have been in the studio to see being made? The personalities, the banter, the fights, the production methods…

Marvin Gaye What’s Goin On

‘The Love She Needs’ whoa… that vocal! Can you take us into it?

Well… I can confirm that its not me singing. It was a deeply-dug sample my brother put me onto.

Aaaaand what inspired the album title?

From the tracks on the LP the title ‘Golden Section’ had the most resonance for me, it’s an interesting concept in general.

Anything you want to add? Thanks for this amazing and varied album.

Thanks to Ant and Alex at Dispatch. Danny Fierce and Dom Beta 2 for contributing and being my sound boards as I was writing. Lenzman and DLR for their stellar remixes.

Stamina for too many things to list and, most importantly, to my ever supportive partner and family.

Golden Section

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