Xtrah: Headz Up

Xtrah: Headz Up

The One like Xtrah – who remarkably manages to be both underground and ‘big’ D&B all at once – is ready to drop something special via Metalheadz Platinum on the 12th, full release. And though it’s fresh, lethal and sinewy… it’s nothing new apparently…

Xtrah is this new pairing of yours hot off the press as it were?

To be honest, ‘No Good’ is quite an old track and has been in my sets for around a year I’d say.


But the collaboration with Mikal is newish: about five to six months. There’s a lot of newer music from me since the completion of this 12″ but it does represent a lot for what I’m working towards at the same time.

And the linkup with Mikal… I know his style and his renegade spirit, was it inspiring?

Mikal is a wicked producer: we work well together and the session that we sat down in together was inspiring for sure! Big shouts to Mik for being part of this project, looking forward to doing more.

I know you work with people like the always incredible Break, Symmetry, with Critical and you also have had work on Ram: there would be very few artists who would be able to claim such a span. Now Headz.

I’m extremely proud to have worked with all the labels that I’ve done up until this point, and I feel inspired to keep doing so! Knowing that this one is coming out on Headz is a great feeling. Since I was 15-16 I’ve always wanted to release on these types of labels so it’s just surreal when you realise you’re actually achieving the goals you set yourself as a boy.

How do you actually regard Metalheadz, especially considering the spotlight on the label this year considering Goldie is going to overtake Meltdown?

I think Headz are at the forefront of pushing forward thinking, organic sounding D&B with a lot of depth and substance to it. I think all the guys over at Headz are working really hard just to bring the fans the music that they want and love and have come to expect from Metalheadz.

And how would you describe the ‘Xtrah’ factor? The unique style you possess?

My style is a bit of everything really, my music is constantly changing. But to be honest I can’t really explain my music though, or “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”. Go and have a listen and make up your own mind! I hope you like!

OK, so how would you sum up your view on production right now?

I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to production at the moment but it’s most certainly a positive and inspiring stage. I’m learning every day and just want to keep pushing myself to new limits I guess.

But apart from that I’m just writing lots and lots of music really and continuing my journey.

What do you prefer: producing or DJing? They link but are so different too, especially in DJing when you may be confronted with a rowdy crowd for the first time…

I enjoy both a very similar amount now, there is a time and a place for both and they both have pros and cons so yeah… DJing.

What plans are ahead for you?

What’s next for me? Well, I’m currently on tour right now.

I am promoting a party in my local area which has: Myself, Break, Mikal, Mako, CodeBreaker & Sense on the line up, thats in London on May 22. As well as promoting one I will be playing at a few Outlook Launch parties in the UK and Australia, I have some wicked gigs coming up in Europe and I also have my own boat party at Outlook festival this year, which I’m super excited about! Watch this space.

Huge shout to Goldie, Ant Tc1, Khanage, Mikal and anyone who has taken the time to give me their feedback about the single and (or) supported it! Last but not least big up to DNBA for continuing their support towards my releases. Thanks!

No Good/Directive

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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