Work Experience: S.P.Y

Work Experience: S.P.Y

Work Experience: if you could collaborate with any artist, who would they be? And why?

We checked in with Hospital’s S.P.Y this week to find out his dream collabos. But first, a little on his monstrous four tracker Love & Hate: Out now and available here, each cut stinks of gritty old school flavours.

“Yes definitely,” chuckles S.P.Y who, incidentally, loves good food and hates empty promises. “The whole EP and most of the tracks I have produced in general have this old school feel. I really enjoy working with breaks and manipulating and transforming samples. This probably comes from my background in music as I was always a big fan of hip-hop. Looking at it more broadly, the concept I have used for the Love & Hate EP tracks was ‘less is more’ and always pushing the tracks for a more underground old school feel.”

Complete with a sonorous rendition of Submotion Orchestra’s All Yours, it’s yet another worthy addition to Hospital’s armoury. Having signed to the mega-label last year, S.P.Y still finds himself pinching himself at his latest career move.

“It’s a pretty good feeling,” he grins. “To be honest I was quite surprised to be approached by them, but because I’ve known the Hospital crew for so long I don’t just feel like I’ve signed to one of the biggest labels in D&B, it feels more like I’m back working with my good friends, which is great.”

A perfect working relationship if ever we heard one. Just like S.P.Y’s own dream collaborations…

The Prodigy

“I was always a big fan of The Prodigy, especially the early work. Albums like Experience and Music For The Jilted Generation were a big influence on what I do right now. I would love to have worked with them!”

Total Science

“Even knowing that I have already collaborated in the studio with them, they are just my ultimate favourite producers. There were always a big inspiration for my music and we have a lot in common when in the studio. So for me, working with them was a big personal achievement.”

Stakka & Skynet

“They were so ahead of their time! Their tracks still sound fresh today – those two were a big influence. I always wonder how they managed to write so many amazing tracks on such a basic set up.”

Love & Hate is out now. Listen and download.




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