Work Experience: Amoss

Work Experience: Amoss

It’s another work experience session…

A chance for a DJ to tell us their dream collaborations. Any artist from any time and any genre – the musical world is their oyster. Right now we’re asking Andy Tweedale from Amoss. Turns out their new release – The Suspension EP released on Dispatch this coming Monday – actually came about through a good old collabo.

“We’d done a collaboration with Dabs on Dispatch before this. The label loved it and asked us for more,” he grins. “We sent over Rollpipe, that was going to be a single idea then we sent over a few more and suddenly we had a whole EP. It all happened really quickly.”

Fittingly Dabs is present on this EP, too. He appears on the super-eerie Latch. One of five meaty, techy, well textured bangers, the whole release is well worth checking out when it lands next week. And once you’ve digested that, more on both Dispatch and Horizons should be well on their way.

In the mean time we asked Andy the big question: who’s on the Amoss collaboration hit list?

“It’s a mad question” he laughs. “I’ve been thinking about it all morning. There are loads of people we’d love to work with…”



“We weren’t making tunes when they were at their height but in terms of productions, their sounds is extremely influential to what we do. That whole tech step and the development into neuro funk was huge for us. Tunes like Maelstrom and Beckoning; we still play those tunes now. They go off just like they did back in the day! We’d have loved to have worked with them just to see how they hell they made these tunes! I still remember hearing Beckoning, just at our local night. We were only really getting into the tunes at the time but it blew me away so I had to find out what it was.”

J Dilla

“Dilla was extremely influential on both of us. James is an even bigger Dilla fan, he introduced me to him. We often listen to him on the drives to gigs and he’s always on our iPods. We’re both big hip-hop fans anyway, but Dilla’s music is just so special. We’re still hearing tunes of his we’ve never heard before! His approach to hip-hop stands out over almost every producer; it would have been incredible to watch how he worked and understand how he did it. If you haven’t checked him out then go straight for the Donuts album or Champion Sound. There are so many tunes and a lot of the best are just one minute little intelude type tunes. Insane stuff; check him out!”

Amon Tobin

“He’s been a huge influence on us and how we’ve developed as producers. We were listening to drum & bass throughout our teens but when we hit Amon Tobin, and a lot of stuff on Ninja Tune, things began to make even more sense. It changed the game for us; understanding how deep and complex production can be. The sound design on the Foley Room album is just incredible! In terms of working with him, we’d love to go through his sample library. All those things he’s recorded and documented! The Foley Room is made entirely of found sounds and field recordings. All the animals and insects. Mental stuff! He seems like a really laid back, down to earth guy from what I’ve read and seen online so I’d imagine we’d have a proper chilled studio session. He plays stuff like Kryptic Minds tunes when he plays as well, so it’s good to know he’s a bit of head in terms of drum & bass as well. We’d love to work with him…”

Find loads of Amoss material right here. Tune in on Monday when Suspension hits the download store.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.