Drum&BassArena 18: Rockwell

Drum&BassArena 18: Rockwell



Drum&BassArena is about to celebrate a momentous hallmark: Our 18th birthday! We’re doing it in fine style, too… Hooking up with Bristol’s legendary Run crew, we’ll be taking over the main room in Motion with an all-star showcase. Noisia, Calyx & TeeBee, Rockwell, DC Breaks, Mampi Swift, D*Minds, Foreign Concept, Neuropol and TS2W have all been recruited for what is set to be a life-affirming celebration of 18 years in the game.


Come party with us!!

To kick-start the celebrations, we’ve asked a few members of our massive line-up to reflect on their own 18th birthday. The highs, the lows, the responsibilities of becoming an adult…. The 18th birthday is a big moment in all of our lives. If we can remember it!

Here’s how Rockwell came of age…


 “To be honest, from the bits I remember, my eighteenth wasn’t anything special. I remember having a house party, which my parents kindly let me have at their house, and it involved me getting absolutely wasted to the point where I couldn’t even stand up by 9pm.

“Well, when I say house party, I actually mean me and around ten friends sitting in the front room, not exactly Fabric on a Saturday night. My parents went out for the night to leave us to it and when they returned I was passed out on the floor with my head in a bin bag and a friend next to me offering some form of moral support.

“It’s an image I don’t think they’ll ever get out of their heads. And the following day delivered a hangover I’ll never forget. Then again, if you’re not puking by 8pm on your eighteenth birthday, you’re not doing it right! I guess you could say it was a classic English eighteenth…

“I wasn’t into drum & bass at all when I was 18, it was probably about another year before I started listening to it and going to drum & bass nights. I was really into punk, hardcore and hip-hop, which are all genres I still listen to now. Back then I thought the idea of going to a club and listening to music was fucking ridiculous, how times have changed!

“I was also really introverted when I was 18, and to be honest I still am a little bit, sometimes the last thing I want to do on a Friday night is play records to a load of people. But when I get behind the decks and start DJing I’m a completely different person, I just fucking love it. It sounds a bit cheesy but I can just let the music do the talking when I’m playing records.”

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