WARNING: GODZILLA has arrived… And it’s destroyed our speakers!

WARNING: GODZILLA has arrived… And it’s destroyed our speakers!

Addictive Behaviour returns this month with yet another speaker-shattering showdown. Three releases deep and it’s clear the London-based label is finding its pace and distinctive place in the never-ending release marathon drum & bass fans enjoy each and every week.

Out today, their latest destructive dispatch comes from two incredible young talents. Hailing from Bulgaria and Ukraine respectively, both L 33 and Detail remind us just how fertile Eastern Europe is for agenda-setting, concrete-melting drum & bass right now. L 33’s Bring Down is an industrial strength roller that growls with the iciness of scorned polar bear while Detail’s Godzilla lives up to its monstrous name with roaring proportions and seismic sonic shocks…

The moment we’d recovered from such bass mayhem we knew we had to grab some more details on Detail. He came back with some interesting facts about his current projects and even whipped up a firing mix:

First of all… How are things in the Ukraine? We hope you’re safe!

Hey! Everything is pretty good and calm here. Also all is good with my family and friends. Thank you for asking.

How are things at Detail HQ besides the political craziness?

I’m really busy with new bits. So much work! I’m excited about collaborations with Abstract Elements & Eastcolors in real time because I’m in Saint-Petersburg at the moment. It will be a wicked studio session!


So you’re back on Addictive Behaviour… Are you an established member of the Addicted crew?

I think so… Yeah. The work with the Addictive Behavior guys is something else. They are real professionals. Can’t say anything bad about them. And the whole concept of the label is right!

We’ve asked this of all Addictive Behaviour artists I’ve interviewed… Do you have an addictive personality?

I’m addicted to bass… Hahah! But to be honest, I’m addicted to juice and cigarettes. I know that cigarettes are not the best choice… But hey, we’re all going to die anyway!

Let’s go back to your first outing on Addictive Behaviour for a moment… Lost Time was on their debut release – High Rollers. It was pretty special and nicely twisted, can we get a little insight behind it?

Lost Time got one of the most epic intros I’ve ever done and it’s also got that dancefloor power. That was the idea behind the tune, nothing special in mind. Just to do a proper roller.

When was the last time you properly lost time? 

I don’t like to lose time. So my answer is – NEVER!

Now then… GODZILLA! What a bassline! What inspired such monstrous, mind-blowing sound design?

I’ve watched the original Godzilla movie and that roar inspired me very much, I always pay attention to the details in production, that’s why it sounds so mind-blowing.

How long does it take to create such a humungous and distinctive sound?

It’s funny I did this tune in two days, after two weeks break from the studio.

What’s the reaction to it been like for you? And were you scared you might explode the club the first time you played it?

When I first played it, Godzilla killed the dancefloor! But this tune is also funny. I’ve cut Chris Tucker’s words from Rush Hour 2 and put them in before the drop. So when you play it the first thing you see on the peoples faces is a smile, and then the bass face.

But it’s not all nasty basslines… Tell me about your approach the deeper tunes you’ve done like Pressure and August…

I can’t do monster tunes all the time. I also like melodic and deep ones. Just trying to do all different kinds of tunes is the best approach.

You’ve worked with some of the most respected labels in the game… Any tips for budding producers on how you do this so successfully?

Everyone asks me but I don’t know how I’m doing it. It’s pretty much luck, I guess! Just be patient and choose the right labels to work with, whose music you are really feeling. And just try to do your best. That’s my only secret…I mean there is no secret at all.

Moving away from drum & bass for a minute… Over the past year you’ve been collaborating with talented St Petersburg based singer and producer Anastasia Tiiu. For those who don’t know please introduce this project and tells us a bit about it!

Well the name of the project is KOTKEE. It’s all about the melodic vibes.

Anastasia’s vocals are truly spine-melting! How did you meet?

We met on the internet about two and a half years ago. First we did Days Go By which was really successful, and we decided to do one more tune, but on another vibe and tempo. After that the project was born.

Do you have many live shows planned for this summer?   

We are planning a tour at the moment, so if you want to book us, just go to the Soundcloud page!

(Top tip: check out Walls and download it for free!)

Finally… What other releases do you have coming up that we can look forward to?

Here is my release schedule:

Vandal Records – Single

Addictive Behavior – Godzilla

Metalheadz – ‘Tell Me Something’ with Mako

Neodigital – ‘Wrecked’ with Abstract Elements

Bad Taste – ‘Zooi’

Dispatch – ‘Survivor’ with Nymfo

Symmetry – ‘Choked’ with Against

I want to say big up to Abstract Elements, Mako, Mefjus, Sunchase, Hidden Element, Against, EastColors, Nymfo, Klute and Vegas. Also big love goes to my girlfriend Ann. Peace!

godzilla bring downBring Down / Godzilla is out now on Addictive Behaviour. Listen and download.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.