Volatile Cycle + Nuklear MC Exclusive Mix

Volatile Cycle + Nuklear MC Exclusive Mix


‘If the DJ is looks like he’s having fun behind the decks that will rub off on the crowd.’

Volatile Cycle and Nuklear MC have not only gone in on the interview front but have graced us with a blazing mix.

Check the video too. BUT first things first:

Hello guys nice to chat with you! You’re at the forefront – literally! – of this new 2016 album for Mayan, so in a nutshell what are people in for with this album?

[Nukez] Yo yo, good to be able to connect with you guys. For me, this album has a little bit of everything mixed in which I think is something that is lacking in the drum and bass scene at the minute.

Mayan have brought a team of people together from all corners of the scene and given you the best of each specific genre.

It’s a real insight into how far drum and bass has come and what it also has to offer right now. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of it.

Tell us about the ‘Impact’ tune for Mayan comp?

[VC] Well ‘Impact’ started life without Nukez on it. It was something we had bubbling away for a little while. Hal sent us over a 16 for a new tune. We put it into the track and it fitted like a glove and the rest as they say is history.

So tell us when your connection with the label came about and what made your paths cross?

[VC] Hal is good mates with those guys and through our work with him we hooked up with the lads at Mayan. We’re really impressed with them; they are hugely dedicated and passionate about the work they do. We can really see the label getting big this year.

[Nukez] Always liked what the Cycle boys have been doing. We both kind of appeared on the scene around the same time and they got that sound that I love so I enjoy working with them a lot.

Our first track we did together was ’24 Hours’ and it all seemed to click together pretty smoothly.

I had to try get them on board with what Mayan Audio are doing because I work closely with both parties and it just felt right. Good little link up I would say.

Nuklear, tell us about your nomination for Best Newcomer at the Awards?

[Nukez] Well to be nominated as Best Newcomer MC in amongst some of the other very talented guys in the scene right now made me feel really humbled and excited to be honest.

Some of the other names who where nominated have been working very hard on what they do and to be noticed on that same level makes me feel very proud.

So happy to know that there’s people out there feeling what I’m doing and showing me their support. I want to say a massive thank you to anyone who took the time to vote for me. It really does mean a lot.

What projects do you have coming up… I hear an album is in the works?

[VC] You hear correct! we’ve got an album in the pipeline for Renegade Hardware which we’re really hyped about. For me personally it’s a huge thing. When I started out mixing years ago RH was the main label about and was always releasing fire! It totally shaped my musical tastes and the music we make today, so be a part of the label is both humbling and amazing.

Well there isn’t a great deal really as the album’s taking up a lot of our time but we’ve got a couple of remixes planned for RH and also a single coming out on MTA records… it’s a little more tongue and cheek than most of our work!

Love the sound you have VC, it’s got its own space, so where are you based and what’s your recording studio like?

[VC] We’re both based in a little town a few miles north of Norwich. The main studio is in Dan’s bedroom as he doesn’t have any neighbours and a very understanding house mate so we can crank up whenever we like. The studio is a very basic humble affair.

I put together a bit of a monster pc about 12 months ago which runs our DAW of choice, Reason. Which always either shocks people or just makes them laugh!

You and Nuklear MC have worked on material in the past, like the killer ‘Shivers’, so how do you guys work together, how do you work out how the tune is written?

[VC] Most of the time Nukez will just send us over some recordings, sometimes full verses like 24 hours and sometimes just catchy 16s like Shivers and now impact.

We then try them all out on various projects we’ve got in the works. sometimes they just fit like a glove over what we have already or sometimes we then cut the track back and start building it around what Nukez has sent us.

Have you both got some good live stories?

[VC] Nooooo, we’re consummate professionals ha ha.

[Nukez] Yeah, the real police unit turning up whilst shooting for the ’24 Hours’ track was pretty funny. If you look closely in the video you can actually see the police car with the blues flashing ha ha.

But one of my favourite memories with the lads was when I can down to their studio for the weekend to record some vocals for some tracks and it just turned into a major banter session.

I remember we left the microphone recording in-between actually recording the vocals and we listen back to the out takes the next day and it was too damn funny. That being said, we did get about five tracks recorded that weekend.

I think it’s all well and good working with people online, sending projects backwards and forwards to each other but when you all get into the studio together, you’re all able to get on the same vibe and working this way is much better in my opinion.

What’s some good tips for the live arena, do’s and don’t for people new to it… and ways to kick a dead crowd up the arse.

[VC] Hmmm a bit of a toughie as it’s really dependent on so many things! Theres a lot of discussion with regards to pre-planning, these day I personally sit somewhere in the middle. I don’t plan my sets too rigidly.

Normally arrange little three-four tune runs on my usb stick and draw for what run I think the crown will like next or what what direction I want the set to go musically. Also a big thing is to be mindful of what the DJ before you has played.

What has or hasn’t worked for them? Try to avoid the playing any of the same tunes as them, unless of course you know you’ve got a humdinger of mix for it!

As for kicking a dead crowd up the arse? Simple, just bring it! Quick mixing, big double drops, shock switch ups. Anything to keep people on their toes. Draw for the odd classic that everyone will know and most of all just enjoy yourself.

If the DJ is looks like he’s having fun behind the decks that will rub off on the crowd.


[Nukez] For me as a Host/MC, I would say I’m just as much in for an unexpected journey as the crowd is. And this is what I love about doing what I do so much. I’m just as hyped and excited as everyone else is when the DJ drops in that next mix.

For me it comes pretty natural to hold it down and go about doing a set. It’s more of an adventure for me than anything.

What tunes and music in general is inspiring you?

D&B is really strong at the minute, especially on the tech front. What people like Mefjus, insideinfo, the upbeats and of course Noisia are doing is nothing short of amazing!

But it’s some of the relative newcomers like Pythius with his track ‘Driveyard’ ft Kryptomedic on Blackout and ‘Turbine’ from Malux. Also Agressor Bunx are killing it right now!

Plus on our agency Neurofunk grid we’ve got a lot of fresh producers like Akov, Impakt and the Clamps who are making big moves and making some absolute bangers.

So what can we expect next from you? What’s on the cards?

[Nukez] Got some really cool and exciting projects lined up this year and I’m going to be working harder than ever to really show what I can do. Just recently teamed up with L 33 and done a track called ‘Stand Down’ or his Karate LP forthcoming on Eatbrain which will be released real soon so watch out for that.

Also have some top secret sizzle happening with some pretty awesome producers but I gotta keep that locked down at the minute but keep your eyes peeled. As for the album, it’s been a while since I dropped my first LP Snakes & Blaggers and I think it’s about time for some freshness.

Where as S&B was more hip hop orientated this new project will be focussing more on the Drum & Bass side of things. Got some really cool names confirmed that iv worked with over the past couple of years and also teaming up with some of the Mayan dudes along with a few from Volatile Cycle as well so I’m really happy and excited with whats in store.

[VC] Apart from the things we’ve mentioned like the album we’ve got a couple of collabs with the crazy Russian Codex which we’re really excited about.

But yeah we’re just going to keep doing what we do and pushing and refining our sound and playing as many gigs as possible!

Mayan Audio 2016
Mayan Audio sc

Volatile Cycle exclusive mix

Volatile Cycle & S Dexter – 24 Hours feat Nuklear – Icarus Audio
Nickbee – Another Dimension – Concussion Records
Encode – Overwatch
Optiv & BTK – Insight (Segment & Concept Vision Rmx) – Dutty Audio
Volatile Cycle
Volatile Cycle feat Nuklear
Picota & Kumbh – Origin – Comanche
L33 – Badman – Eatbrain
Volatile Cycle
Mefjust – Purify – Critical
Emperor – Mind Games – Critical
Volatile Cycle – Feel Good – Forthcoming on MTA
Agressor Bunx – Infinity – Blackout
>>>>> BTK, Cold Fusion & Optiv – Void (Impak Rmx) – Dutty Audio
Malux – Turbine – Bad Taste Recordings
L33 – Rei – Blackout
TR Tactics & The Clamps – Topology – Addictive Behaviour
Agressor Bunx – Crusader – Bad Taste
Ewun – Screw Up (The Upbeats Rmx) – Lifted Music
Noisia – Diplodocus (The Upbeats Rmx) – Vision
Gydra – Nailsbucket – Blackout
Bl4ck Owlz – Mechanizm
Volatile Cycle
Volatile Cycle & Codex
Mefjus – BLitz – Critical
The Clamps S & A – Kosenprod Dub
Bad Company – Bullet Time (Spor Rmx) – Bad Taste Recordings
Noisia & The Upbeats – Creep Out – Non Vogue
Volatile Cycle
Disprove – Frqncs – Eatbrain
Volatile Cycle – Impact ft Nuklear – Mayan Audio

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