Violation: Exclusive Mix

Violation: Exclusive Mix


Violation are truly a ‘for those that know’ thing, coming in strong over the last few years with a style that is as strong as it is abstract. Label boss Gareth also operates under the moniker War Machine and dropped us an exclusive mix, the perfect backdrop for us to catch up again and chat about what’s new with Violation and also those new moves at the Med School…

Can you tell us what you’ve drawn for this mix sir?

The mix features a few bits from my album, Violation & more recent tracks which reflect my taste in D&B at the moment.

When did you start Violation, sir?

Myself & Bomh started the label mid December 2012 partly as an outlet for our music as a lot of my tracks and even the music we listen to is more experimental.

Who are some of the names you have on the label?

Seismix, Kai, Robustus, 539 Limited aka Limited, Wreckless, Undersound, nCamargo and more.

What’s something you’ve learned from running a label?

It’s very time consuming at first if you want to be seen as active in a competitive genre where there are a lot of independent labels are popping up monthly it seems. But the initial hard work definitely has its rewards

What are some labels that inspired you in D&B in general?

Hospital, Metalheadz, Soul:r, 31 Records, Exit, Blu Mar Ten

I hear War Machine is releasing on Med School, how does this feel?

I’m very happy to feature on New Blood 14 with a lot of other quality producers and it’s also reassuring that the style of my production is being supported by the Hospital Records team and some other very, very reputable people I grew up listening to.

What’s in store? You do a lot of releases! How can people check you out?

Most definitely should be busy couple of months as my next projects include my debut album.

It’s entitled Limitless which I’m very happy to be putting out. There’s also a remix of Fleck featuring Parly B’s ‘What a Ting’, both forthcoming on Serial Killaz. I also have my first 80-126bpm electronic project called the Frontier ep forthcoming November on Rippou Records and a lot of other original / remix and collab projects I’m in the process of finishing at the moment.

What sort of thing should people do to stay abreast of the Violation world?

If anyone wants to check out my music grab the Violation podcasts: links are below. There’ll be some free downloads too from time to time so watch out.

War Machine fb
Violation sc

War Machine ‘The Drive In’ – Rippou Records dub
EAN – ‘Scope’ – Med School
Banks – ‘Drowning’ ( Lido Remix )- Free Download
War Machine & Inflex ‘Wasteman’ – Serial Killaz dub
Total Science Ft. Grimm ‘So Addicted’ – Warm Communications
War Machine & Inflex ‘Inner Circles’ – Serial Killaz Dub
Chromeo ‘Lost On The Way Home’ ( Matzo Remix ) – Free Download
Metrik ‘What’s Out There’ – Hospital Records
War Machine ‘100 Whats!’ – Serial Killaz dub
Aurak Maurak Bomb ‘Nitemare’ – Violation Music dub
War Machine Ft Kryptomedic ‘Bogota’ – Serial Killaz dub
S.P.Y Ft. Diane Charlemagne ‘Frozen’ – Hospital Records
Zero T ‘Hurricane Charlie’ – Prestige Music
DJ Chap & Andrezz – ‘Hopeless’
Blu Mar Ten Ft Agne Genyte – ‘Somewhere’ – BMT
General Levy ‘Professional Ganja Smoker’ (Serial Killaz Remix) Serial Killaz
Vigorous ‘Deeper Revelations’ – dub
Undersound ‘The Old Words’ – Violation Music dub
Birdy ‘Wings’ (Nu:logic Remix)

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