Ultimate Summer Missions: Spectrasoul

Ultimate Summer Missions: Spectrasoul

Welcome to the final piece of our Ultimate Summer Missions series. Celebrating last week’s release of our Summer Selection 2012 compilation (which is currently number six in the dance album charts!) over the last month we’ve checked in with AMC, Mattix & Futile, LSB, Brookes Brothers and Rudimental… Today we complete the set with Spectrasoul. Not only are they happy about scoring a neat spot on Summer Selection 2012… But their debut album is out today as well!

“It feels been good!” says Dave, one half of the Dulwich-based duo. “We’ve been working on it for a long time. We always knew we wanted to do an album eventually, and we knew we wanted it to represent what we do as musicians. The album left us to be very flexible and creative, it’s a great relief to be able to experiment and evolve our sound.”

The end result is Delay No More, an intricate tapestry of deep, emotive vibes and tempos ranging from the soft and mournful Away With Me to the vibrant, string-soaked spine-tingler Light In The Dark. The latter being one of 2012’s biggest tunes so far, the former now available as a beautiful Calibre remix which opens the second CD of Summer Selection 2012.

“It’s weird being remixed by other people,” admits Jack, the other half of the duo. “But with Calibre you know you’re going to get a result! He was one of the top of the list when we considered remixes and we were really pleased when he said yes. Even more pleased when we heard it too. The strangest thing was hearing the vocal at a different speed. He’s put his spin on it and given everyone a great drum & bass version to play out. He’s nailed it!”

“It’s always really strange, giving your palette of sounds to two different producers,” nods Dave. “Hearing their interpretations is a very interesting listen. Both Calibre and Kito nailed it. They took it in completely different directions but both really excelled. It’s great to hear that.”

Spectrasoul – Delay No More is available right here.

Summer Selection 2012 is available right here (CD) and here (download)


Spectrasoul’s Ultimate Summer Missions:

Dave: “When I finished school we all hired a caravan in Cornwall. It was the traditional thing to do back then! 10 of us together in a caravan in Newquay. Nowadays it’s more like Magaluf or Ibiza or somewhere but back then it was a little closer to home. We had a serious ball. So yeah, if you ask me for my most distinctive summer, that always springs to mind!”

Jack: “Mine goes way back too… One particular summer spending every possible minute down a skate park. I remember getting very very sun burnt. And a BBQ in the evening for the perfect day. Not quite as debaucherous as you’d hope, but classic summer vibes.”

Spectrasoul’s ultimate summer tip-off: “Go to East Dulwich Park and find the full outdoor table tennis tables. They’re the best in London. There’s this whole talk in the scene about a proper tournament; TeeBee, Calyx, Vicious Circle, Rockwell, Icicle, Kasra… We’re all chatting about a challenge one day. We did a big Shogun tournament at Friction’s house a few years ago. That was a Friction/Rockwell final – they’re the ones to look out for. Dangerous!”


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