Nucleus & Paradox: Ubiquity & Foundation + mix

Nucleus & Paradox: Ubiquity & Foundation + mix


‘We think the mixdown is weird but that purposely reflects the sound… ‘

Nucleus & Paradox have dropped ‘Foundation’ and ‘Ubiquity’… the latter inferring a spirit that’s unerring, unwavering and effectively humming along in full-focus mode. So it fits the duo’s beats and samples-obsessed world perfectly really.

Check a fresh mix from Nucleus at the end for more.

Hi what’s been new with you both? Any shifts and changes in your world?

N&P – We’ve been working together in the studio a lot this year for three record labels. If we had our own way there would be more releases but the pressing schedule is a long one and something we just have to accept.

When did the two of you start work on this material?

N&P – Work began at the start of the year and we finished Esoteric 15 and 16 early February. We have been waiting for this release date with anticipation.

The title ‘Ubiquity’ made me think of some fantastic jazz funk project, something from another time, an echo… straight away I was captivated. I then heard a preview online and thought it was a massive highlight of the year. So.

N&P – There was an esoteric-jazz influence on the lead track. The breakbeat groove has a swing to it but it’s still linear.

‘Ubiquity’ captures our influences and has a N&P stamp you could say.

It’s important to have your own style with sample manipulation. It’s something we take very seriously.

Have you played the tune live in a big way, how does it go down and in what context, ie what sort of nights?

N&P – The track sounds good out in our opinion. It’s not a DJ tearout number and wasn’t designed to be. You can catch Nucleus & Paradox at this year’s SunAndBass Festival and hear it for yourself.

To ‘Foundation’. This is raaaaaging. I want to be in the venue where this is shaking the walls and my brain.

N&P – We’re both fans of the crusty jungle era hence the title. ‘Foundation’ features some of that vibe with its hissy samples and contrasting eq’d breaks.

We think the mixdown is weird but that purposely reflects the sound back then with samples popping out in esoteric fashion, not everything levelled y’know.

You are known for your amazing presentation/design: how will the release be done as it were… and who actually defines this look btw? Who has the vision?

N&P – The art must be on-point down to logo design and little things like sleeve spine text. It’s a joint decision on everything we do and this release comes on transparent jungle green vinyl.

She’s definitely a pretty one.

Rectangle AA

What are some outlets where people can hear your vibe?

N&P – Sets from Loxy, Flight, Marky and Metalheadz usually represent our sound. There are the Trax & Nucleus ‘Catch a Groove’ radio shows regularly and the Nucleus Esoteric podcasts go live with every 12″ release via Soundcloud/Mixcloud.

What can we look forward to next from you?

N&P – Up next is a new 12″ via Samurai Music called ‘Alzora / Volcanism’ on a unique format which should be out Sept/Oct time.

Esoteric 017 is ready and hopefully that will start the manufacturing process soon.

The next Nucleus & Paradox package on Metalheadz is also something special to look out for.

Esoteric Music Mix # 4 – Nucleus

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