Two Minutes With Brookes Brothers

Two Minutes With Brookes Brothers

Right now as you read this, Drum&BassArena is heading to Glade Festival. While there we’ll be catching Tensor, the proud winner of the incredible compeition we ran with Glade to find a the most talented future DJ.

Not ones to slouch on the job, we called up Creamfields for a quick chat with Brookes Brothers to run while we’re away. Since last year the event opens a night early for those who wish to achieve maximum raving enjoyment (albeit silently). Brookes Brothers are one of the chosen DJs to grace this new night on the Creamfields agenda, so we sent them a few questions…

So…. you’re playing Creamfields Silent Disco. Ever played to the headphones massive before?

“We were supposed to be doing it last year but got stuck on the M1 for seven hours! So this year is our first silent disco set ever. Should be fun…”

Are you intrigued by the silent concept?

“Yeah apparently last year was pretty incredible vibes so we’re looking forward to seeing what it’s like!”

Dynamically drum & bass is designed to play LOUD – will you tailor your set for this situation?

“I think so yeah. Obviously we’re gonna keep it dancefloor but playing in headphones does definitely give us the chance to explore a few more avenues for sure! We’re hoping the headphones have a bit of bass. Might have to drop a few disco classics.”

Silent Disco headphone etiquette: should one wear them nice and casual with the band toward the back of the head? Or wear them over the eyes like that chap in Star Trek?

“Between those two particular styles we’d probably say Star-Trek-style. But we’re not headphone Nazis…as long as the ravers are happy and comfortable I think we’ll be good!”

Enough talk of Silent Discos… Please tell us everything we need to know about forthcoming Brookes Brothers releases and projects!

“We’ve got a four or five track EP forthcoming on Breakbeat Kaos this summer. We’re also working on a few other top-secret projects at the moment which should come to fruition a little later in the year…”

Thank you very much for your time. Love, Drum & Bass Arena

Brookes Brothers’ previous can all be found here.

Creamfields is held in the Daresbury Estate, Cheshire from August 24-26. Find out everything you need to know right here.

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