Turno – Knowledge Transfer

Turno – Knowledge Transfer

Turno’s energy and enthusiasm for production is crystal clear and his drive for sharing this is second to none. Read on to hear how you could be the next big thing in drum and bass music.

Where did the production tuition idea come from?

“My brand ‘Time is Now’ is all about positive promotion and making the most of opportunities which goes hand in hand with providing a service to develop other people’s talent.  

I get sent a lot of music and to be honest, the vast majority of it is quite underpar. That’s not a diss to bedroom producers though, it’s just one of the ways I defined a huge gap in the scene. Granted there are a lot of online tutorials to be had via YouTube and they certainly have their place but nothing can match one to one bespoke tuition,

Jump up music in general has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to production, especially in this day and age when anyone can set up their own record label and bang out a string of tracks.

I wanted to change this and get people truly representing the genre in the best possible way.”

When did you kick things off?

“It must have been about a year ago in June, it was a gamble but like anything in life, if you have the passion and drive for something you just make it work.

I wanted to teach advanced production techniques from the first lesson, really get things moving with students brains. Every session is different and planned in a such a bespoke way that the end result is always (hopefully!) positive.

It’s pretty crazy how well it has taken off to be honest. I’ve had students from Guernsey, Cyprus and even Germany coming to the studio to learn.

That’s some big commitment right there!”

How do people start their production journey with you?

“After the initial email enquiry I ask for a folder of recent work or something that’s freshly worked on. This then gives me chance to assess the level of production and write a bespoke training plan around it.

Students train one to one with me in the studio. This isn’t a home set up where I’m limited to noise levels either, it’s a professional setup in a studio as you would expect.

A lot of students are starting from scratch which can be a challenge but it’s just an enjoyable. Some don’t even know how to use a computer properly but that’s certainly nothing negative.

The end goal in all of this is get people to where they want to be, answer as many questions as possible, ensure students take good quality notes and finally – achieve industry standard production.

The whole experience of visiting a studio and seeing what can be achieved is something that doesn’t come along everyday.”

Do you offer Skype lessons or is this just a fixed location service?

“Some do prefer to stay at home with their own equipment which is fine, we use Skype video calls. It’s certainly different and although it works I do prefer to be in the same room as the student so you can bounce off the vibe together and really gel during the learning process.”

How long are the sessions?

“That depends what’s required from the student but I offer 2 types of sessions. A 7 hour day option which is 9am to 4pm with 1/2 hour break in the middle. The other is a 4 hour skills production session which can focus on certain areas – mixdowns, bass, compression etc.

I tend to give students a month between seeing me so they can really put their newly found skills into place and embed the information properly.”

Do you provide training on more than one DAW?

“No, this is all based around Logic X. I do use other programmes but I’m professionally qualified in this programme and it’s also one that I use daily. Skills learnt from Logic X are transferable if you know your way around another DAW.”

From previous sessions, what’s been the most rewarding outcome of your sessions?

“Without a doubt! One guy came to me and was really overwhelmed when he saw the amount of effort that needed to be applied when creating a track. After the first lesson I wasn’t sure if this was a make or break situation but when he came back for a second session his attitude had completely changed, he was a totally focused and positive individual.

It was amazing to see that the effects of applying himself to what he had learnt had pretty much changed him as a person and a producer.

Since then he’s been working with Jaydan in the studio, linked up with Elevated Bass in Reading and his production is bloody good!

That’s the main reason I do this, it’s just so rewarding.”

Is it just drum and bass tuition?

“One client recently came to me with a wish to make house music. I produce both house and garage under different aliases so this wasn’t a problem at all. I love all types of dance music and if you’re passionate about it then this can easily be transferred to music production.”

Do you have any SoundCloud examples of your students finished work?

“Plenty. Here’s a selection of some of the students I have worked with since starting this project. Enjoy!”



DJ G-Boid


Any remix projects from students relating to your previously released work?

“Not yet, but I most certainly will do that when I launch my new label in 2017.”

Any shouts, big ups or links? Add them below.

“A massive thank you to all the ‘Your Time Is Now’ students who have believed in the programme. Without you this platform wouldn’t exist.

If you would like to take your career to the next level please do not hesitate to contact me; franko@timeisnowuk.com or submit a from via www.timeisnowuk.com

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P.S we have our new clothing range dropping today , go check that out!”


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