The Summer Selection Series #05: Halogenix

The Summer Selection Series #05: Halogenix

SUMMER HALOGENIX (1)It’s the final piece in our Summer Selection Series, courtesy of Halogenix.

Not that it feels like the summer outside today. The UK heatwave has been barged out of our sights and minds by the moodiest rain we’ve had in ages.

There’s only one thing to do. Put on Drum&BassArena Summer Selection 2013 and think sunny thoughts.

Not bagged your copy yet? Look no further. 30 tracks, 10 exclusives, 100 per cent undiluted sunshine vibes, it’s a killer and you can grab it here.

For added summer sounds look further again to Halogenix. His track Raw Deal, featuring Zoe Klinck, is one of the many exclusives on Drum&BassArena Summer Selection 2013. He’s given us three of his all time favourite summer tunes, told us a tale of serious paintball skankery AND filled us in on forthcoming Ivy Lab releases. Enjoy…

Tell us about Raw Deal…

I was on Drum&BassArena 2012 with Rude Industry, a co-lab with Stray. It did well so Risky hit me up and asked if I had any tunes I contribute. I’d been sitting on Raw Deal which I was feeling. It was a bit too summery for a winter release so Risky’s call was perfect timing.

What’s the rawest deal you’ve ever had?

Haha! Well the title comes about through Zoe’s lyrics about someone who’s with a person who’s a bit too distant and disconnected. But my own personal experiences of raw deals? Thankfully I’ve not had many. What’s yours?

I was starving at a festival and ending up buying a tuna sandwich for £8. It looked amazing but was actually the worse sarnie I’ve ever had. Gave me heartburn and everything. I’ll regret that investment to my very last day…

Ha! Okay, the only raw deal I can think of is when I was working in a shop. This guy came in and walked up like he knew me, all confident and bubbly. He was like ‘hey man, I’ve just been paintballing. I fucking love paintballing! Do you like it? Do you fancy going? I got tickets.’ I ended up buying loads from him and I never went once.

Ouch. How much did you spend?

£80 mate. I thought it was the best deal ever, me and all my mates could go and have loads of fun. It never happened. Gutting.

Truly. Back to business. Tell me about Zoe Klinck…

I met her through a friend of mine. She was talking about singing and wanting to work with people. My mate turned to me and went ‘you make music, you two should work together’. I instantly thought ‘no!’ I get this a lot and it usually doesn’t work out too well but we got talking and I sent her a link to stuff which she was feeling. She sent me a demo but it was horrible. Her singing was amazing but the music was terrible. So I sent her the instrumental of Raw Deal and within a day she sent back the full vocal track. She smashed it.

Have you got more stuff coming out with her?

I do yeah. I’ve got an EP coming out on Dispatch called Take The Lead. The title track is with Zoe.

Let’s talk summer vibes… What makes the perfect summer?

Parks and BBQs. I can’t think of anything better in the summer: Sitting in the park, reading a good book, chilling with great company or just looking up at the sky. Then coming home and having a BBQ with mates, maybe a few beers. Very simple. Very chilled.

You mentioned books… What you rocking now?

I’m reading Brave New World. Been meaning to get round to it for years. I should read more often but I’m easily distracted. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Make sure you do! I heard you’re making a tune with Xtrah…

Yeah we’ve been talking about it for a while and we finally managed to get a day when we’re both free. We started something that sounds and feels really right so it’s a case of finding time to finish it up.

And, of course, the obligatory Ivy Lab question. What’s coming up?

We’ve got a tune coming out on Metalheadz for Platinum Breakz 4, Make It Clear with Hydro, Frank Carter III and Lucy Annika.

Following that we’ve got an EP we’re working on for Critical which should be out at the end of September. It’s four tracks and it’s going to be good. Sabre and Stray are back in London now too so we’ll be looking to relocate our studio and finish up various projects. Then, hopefully, considering an album.

Wow, an Ivy Lab album! Big news. Let’s wrap up. Give me your all time essential three tune summertime soundtrack…

Calibre – Wilderness

From his new album, Spill. It’s not necessarily a summer track but the vibe conjures up a lot of thoughts and feelings. I could pick so many Calibre tunes that fit the summer but this one’s really caught my imagination. Calibre’s such a badman.

Dwele – I Think I Love You (Zero T Remix)

I play this every set and it goes off every single time. Dwele’s a badman on the vocals and Zero T’s piano chords are absolute killer. It’s the combination of everything I love about drum & bass.

Slum Village – Won’t Do


J Dilla is obviously the king but the whole vibe just king. It’s hard to explain how good this tune is. Like the Dwele/Zero T tune, it’s the perfect combination of everything I love about music. Just check it out.

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Drum&BassArena Summer Selection 2013 is out now. Listen and download.

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