The Summer Selection Series #2: LSB

The Summer Selection Series #2: LSB

SUMMER LSBAttention! In less than two week’s time we will be releasing Drum&BassArena Summer Selection 2013

100 per cent proof sunshine sonics: it weighs in at a cool 30 tracks and 10 of them are completely exclusive. No messing around, this is one of our most exciting albums to date and we can now reveal the full tracklist….


CD 1

1. Drumsound & Bassline Smith Feat. Fleur – One In A Million (Tantrum Desire Remix)
2. Wilkinson – Take You Higher (Dimension Remix)
3. Torqux Feat. Lady Leshurr – Blazin’
4. Chords – Biting Point
5. Donea’o – Fire (The Prototypes Remix)
6. Delano – Big, Bad & Heavy (Logistics Remix)
7. Artificial Intelligence Feat. Steo – Let It Be (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix)
8. High Contrast Feat Selah Corbin – Wish You Were Here
9. LSB – Solstice
10. DJ Marky & S.P.Y – Yellow Shoes (Calibre Remix)
11. Nu:Logic Feat Lifford – Everlasting Days
12. Nookie – A Drum, A Bass & A Piano (Madcap Refix)
13. A.M.C & DBR UK Feat Robby Stone – Blue Waters
14. Commix – Be True
15. Sub Zero – Brighter Days (Krakota Remix)


1. Alix Perez Feat Sabre & Sam Willis – The End Of Us
2. Ivy Lab Feat Franck Carter III – Afterthought
3. Halogenix Feat Zoe Klinck – Raw Deal
4. Commix – How You Gonna Feel
5. Harvest – Keep It Real
6. Symptom Feat Ella – Overrule My Senses
7. Need For Mirrors Feat Jasmine Spence & Grimm – Silent Runner
8. Savage Rehab Feat Saxxon – Rare Groove
9. S.P.Y – Love Hurts
10. Submorphics – Summer Soul
11. Nelver & Simplification – Midnight
12. Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be
13. Technimatic – The Unspoken
14. Stanza – Glow
15. Nookie – Only You (dRamatic & dbAudio 2013 Remix)

Now you’ve acquainted yourself with the tracklisting, let’s get to know LSB a little better. He’s given us Solstice as an exclusive track, we thought we’d call him up and see what makes the perfect summer in LSB World. It turns out he used to be a bit of an Essex boy racer…

Solstice… A tune with a title like that was born to be on a Summer Selection release wasn’t it?

It didn’t have a name when I sent it to The Risky. I sent him three tracks and he was all over Solstice. I named it after he grabbed it off me! I had a feeling he’d pick this one, it’s got that classic liquid vibe.

Nothing says summer more than liquid vibes…

Exactly! I’m really happy with it.

What else have you got coming up then? The last we heard from you was that immense Enei remix of Overthinking…

Yeah that was big! There are more Spearhead singles scheduled before the end of the year, hopefully two. I’m also in talks with one of my favourite labels of all time.


You know I can’t tell you that. I’m keeping it ambiguous in case it doesn’t happen. I won’t be shouting about it until the masters in my hand.

Hot damn! What else?

Well there’s talk of an album next year on Spearhead, but it all depends on the music I write. It’s a really exciting time right now!

Big time! Wicked, let’s chat about summer vibes… What makes the perfect summer for you?

Well I should be in the studio but it’s hard when the weather is as good as this. The right tunes are essential this time of year; BBQ beats, get the decks out while you’re cooking and it’s even tastier. Company is very important; my girlfriend, my family, my friends. And, if there’s time, a bit of golf.

Golfer eh?

Nothing serious but yeah I love a bit of golf if I can squeeze it in!

Fore! Now talk to me about summer tunes… what are the essential ingredients to a summer time vibe track?

Guitars are always a good look, maybe some Rhodes or nice keys. Disco and soul samples are always a good one; something uplifting to reflect the mood. It doesn’t have to be obvious, or have lyrics that talk about the summer directly, but there just needs to be a general vibe. So many different types of tune sum up the summer for me, it’s difficult to express. I’ve picked three different tracks; an uplifting track, a big festival track and a summer evening, sunset vibe.  Three different summer sessions.

ss 2013



Drum&BassArena Summer Selection 2013 is out on July 28 – Pre Order Now!


LSB’s Essential Summer Time Sounds

Pete Heller – Big Love

“This is undiluted sunshine! As an Essex boy, this is pure Southend in the late 90s. Driving down the street with this pumping out of the car. Everyone was doing it. Absolute vibes. It used to be an essential past time; it took hours for anyone to get anywhere the street because we were all driving along with tunes playing. I had a black Orion with 16” alloys, I was a pure Essex boy for six months. You’d get some mad sounds from my car; dance music, a bit Led Zeppelin. A nice clash with the tunes everyone else was playing.”


Calibre – Got To Have You 

“This reminds me of my first holiday with my girlfriend about seven or eight years ago. I did a mix to play in the car. It was full of summer tunes but this one was the stand out track and stayed fresh in my mind from that time. Very chilled. Very special to me, too. It reminds me of some very good times.”

Friendly fires – Jump In The Pool

“These guys are such a wicked band. They’re very sample-based and the singer makes techno under another alias. They’re such a great festival band, too. One of my favourites. They’ve done another tune called Paris which is built up around a really nice ambient sample. It’s got the dynamics of the same D&B records I love. Actually, here’s a fourth summer vibe selection… This remix by Aeroplane. It’s incredible.”


Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.