The Prototypes: Inventions

The Prototypes: Inventions

Here’s how wiki defines a prototype…

“A prototype is an early sample or model built to test a concept or process or to act as thing to be replicated or learned from.”

Hardly how you’d describe The Prototypes, now is it? Sure, with only a handful of EPs to their name Chris Garvey and Nick White are both still at a very early phase of what’s shaping up to be an impressive track record in D&B; which is something all budding producers can learn from.

But with epic peaktime slammers like Cascade, Born To Rise and, as of last week, the super evil Pandora/Abyss, these cats ain’t no test process or sample model: they’re the real deal.

Exploiting their name for a cheap top three style blog feature, we asked Chris Prototype for three inventions that don’t exist… And one he wished he’d invented. But first, it would be rude not ask about their devilishly filthy new EP. It seems both tracks were just as much as a pleasure to make as it is for us to hear them…

 “Pandora came around really quickly. It was one of those tunes!” laughs Chris. “I had that really distorted bass noise on the computer. Playing with the pitch bend to make this farty noise. It reminded me a bit of Dom & Keaton’s Twisted City. I remember when that tune came out and thinking that noise was digusting! We’re not quite his level yet but we love our heavy drum & bass, as you know!”

Abyss, comes with an even better story. And one that will make many upgrade-hungry producers green with envy…

“We just got a new computer for the studio and a Virus synth and the newest Native Instruments package,” he grins. “That was the first tune to come about on it. It was great to be able to work so quickly and effectively on it! Do what you want to do. No freezing of tracks or bouncing the audio down. So simple. It’s amazing. I can’t express how happy I am with it.”

Neither can the dancefloor…

The Prototypes: three inventions that don’t exist!

* We’ve been thinking about this quite a lot. A flying car would definitely be in order. Back To The Future, baby!

* A Shogun Audio teleportation device to get to gigs instantly around the world. I know this would make the flying car obselete but I’d have that for just outside the house. Strictly cruising and showing off.

* Cloning device. This was Nick’s idea… We could clone ourselves and slowly take over the world!

And one thing they wish they invented…

“When it comes to inventions of all time, I’d have loved to invented the piano,” says closet ivory tinkler Garvey. “Playing a real piano is incredible. Feeling the strings resonating againsts your chest; there’s really nothing quite like it for me. I wouldn’t call myself a pianist by any long shot but I do know how to play it and used to play in a jazz band many moons ago and still love the old tinkle.”

It turns out he knows the trumpet too. Listen closely to their euphoric remix of Modestep’s Feel Good and that’s Chris tooting away on the horn in the riff.

“It’s hard to play all the high notes because I’m out of practice but I can still have a good blast for short bursts,” he says. “For the remixes I had to blast it out and take a rest every now and again. Don’t go expecting any Prototypes trumpet solos any time soon!”

Pandora/Abyss is out now. No trumpets, but plenty of bass! Listen and download here.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.