Telekinesis: Obey

Telekinesis: Obey


‘f*ck the internet, it’s the world that counts’

Telekinesis have blazed in with the rather abrupt Obey ep, a monosyllabic array of commands flanked by a squadron of synthetic firepower. Rather than be taken aback by such audacity it seemed best to hear what they had to say…

I was caught by ‘Shut Up’ and I must say that title’s abrupt! As is the case generally here. So what’s going on? I like the tune though.

Ha ha, its just a command.

It came to mind after we named ‘Listen’, you know… shut up and listen (to me!)

The whole EP is a bunch of commands: play, listen, shut up, break.

We tried to express them through music but we don’t even need to do that, we can do it with telekinesis.

The concept of the cover’s nice, made me think of all sorts, what was in your head when you devised this?

Big ups to the artist – Koyn – for that… he is just awesome.

We like that when you look it at it you can feel what a mind has to go through to “obey”. A lot of things happen in your mind even to obey a simple thing your obediance is based upon millions of factors your mind processes in a second.

So is the prevailing theme a comment about the state of the world right now, the powers that be? because I feel that people are worried that apathy is taking hold in society.

Yes, challenge your mind: don’t let the others think for you and f*ck the internet, it’s the world that counts.


Take us into ‘Break’. What inspired this filth?

We tried to do a classic simple techy rave roller, but modern.

That’s the recipe, and ‘Break’ is the outcome.

Who are some allies in the music, that think the same way as you?

Anyone in drum and bass I would say. If you’re into drum and bass you’re special in a way only drum and bassers understand.

What’s a great gig you have done? In terms of crowd/PA and so forth?

Obviously LIR and we can’t wait to be back this year with both Telekinesis and Smooth shows.

Other than that I would love to shout out to Jungle Juice, Basement, Vandal, Mainframe, BladeRunnaz, Kinetik to name a few on top of my mind… everyone has been great and it’s great to see home much love people devote to drum and bass.

Parting shots?

Enjoy Obey EP while we prepare the next one.


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