Swerve Xmas Session: Tendai Speaks

Swerve Xmas Session: Tendai Speaks


Swerve is to convene at WestBank on Friday, the lineup – Bailey, Tendai, Addiction and Fabio – formidable and able to draw more than one lifetime’s worth of fibrous, luminous D&B in one evening, drawing as widely from the spectrum as from points scattered over time.

Time to check in with Tendai on the general front… and let’s not forget his insight into another beloved genre of choice: film.

What D&B you feeling this year? Can’t get enough of Serum, and love a lot of the ‘smaller’ releases been hearing, personally… lots of liquid funk.

There have been a lot of great releases this year. I agree on Serum – the single he had on V together with Paul T & Edward Oberon was special.

Other stand out releases and producers of the year have been Children of Zeus – Still Standing (Lenzman remix); the whole LSB album; Paul SG also dropped a beautiful album; Integral had a wealth of amazing releases from AI, Mohican Sun & Dawn Wall; Satl has been my standout producer of the new peeps with releases on Innerground, Fokuz and many other labels.

How you picking up D&B, what channels/sources do you dig? I like Mauoq’s podcast for one example, some soundcloud, Radio 1 etc.

I keep up on dnb through a host of soundcloud feeds and fb pages. Podcast-wise my favourites have to be the Random Movement podcast and Night Grooves with Intelligent Manners.


What’s happening on Friday night, with Swerve in W10? What you drawing?

This is the first Swerve night of the year as well as being the Christmas special so it’s all very exciting. It’s also great to be in a new venue – The WestBank Gallery is a cultural space specialising in urban, street, and contemporary fine art – on top of that it’s a fully equipped nightclub… I’m a big fan of when art and music meet under one roof.

Being a resident’s night for the Christmas special you know that tunes are going to get drawn on the night.

I haven’t really thought about specifics of which tunes I’m going to play exactly as all my sets are user defined but what is for sure I’ll be looking into liquid funk tracks of the past as much as the present and future.

Your insight is always sought, so take us into some films you dig?

Like a whole host of people I’m really looking forward to catching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which drops in the cinema today. I’ll be catching it at the IMAX this weekend – I cannot wait to see it.

The Ghoul
This is low budget British film making at this best. It starts as a detective story and descends into madness. The Ghoul relies on the power of its clever story telling, editing, cinematography and atmosphere building music to power this horror movie of sorts. I highly recommend it.

This movie is set in the Australian outback following an aboriginal cop on a case to find a missing girl. What unfolds is a much larger mystery in this intelligent outback noir thriller.

Train to Busan
This Korean zombie movie is like World War Z meets Snakes on a Plane… in a good way. It’s an intense action ride that has really reinvigorated the zombie genre and broke box office records across Korea. It’s on general release in the UK.

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