Survey: Chop Chop

Survey: Chop Chop

Berlin duo Survey have recently een busy: the Time ep (which we’ll come to) and a certain Chop Chop ep. So, without further ado… chop chop and all that.

Hi Survey, been a while how is life over there with you?

Hi Damian, thanks for having us!

Life´s good, we´ve been pretty busy recently.

We had some good nights going on like the release party for our Time ep on DSC14, which was pretty sick. Plus, we´ve worked a lot on the EP for Translation and on some other new bits.

The Chop Chop ep is amazing, it’s got to be something formed from many late nights, is that the case?

Pretty much, it´s influenced a lot by what we hear when we go out. But mainly, the actual work is done during the day.

Which doesn´t make a real difference in Berlin.

I love the title track: why the title?

Hardy´s girlfriend says ‘Chop Chop’ a lot, h aha. Also, the German translation is „Zack Zack“, which we thought would sound a bit too German.

Can you take us through the inception of the title tune?

As always. We started with some drums and got the vibe going.

How did the linkup with Translation come about?

Brian hit us up once, which we were happy about since we were interested in releasing on Translation anyway. Great label.

There must be so much music you guys absorb, what sort of things do you like, and like to check?

It´s really a lot of different types of music we like to check out. Like Techno, House and other electronic forms.

And we like to dig into Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and everything with a psychedelic touch.

Titles such as ‘Pressure’, ‘Acting Posh’… are you interested in human behaviour? I just wanted to ask.

Who isn´t, just saying.

What factors contribute to the inception of a tune?

It´s hard to say really. Mostly it´s a tune you hear, or a sample you find interesting that gets you inspired.

Different with every tune really.

What are some favourite physical objects? I ask as your music is so sculptural and the lines are so nice. Could be buildings, objects, airports, interiors… anything.

Hardy: I´ve studied Communication Design, so I´m interested in proportions and forms. As in every aspect of life balance is important as well as to break with that balance sometimes, to keep it interesting.

Stephan: I like buildings.

Where’s a favourite spot to play?

In Berlin, Gretchen Club is our homebase. It´s a great venue to play in and it´s always a family affair. We´re part of Recycle now, who have been around for almost 17 years.

So they know how to promote a good party. Another club we love to play at here is About:Blank.

We´re also looking forward to play at the Fusion Festival this year. We think it´s a sick festival!

What thought is in your head right now?

The weather is great here atm, so we´re thinking to grab a beer outside.

Thanks Survey: any shouts?

We´d like to thank Brian and the Translation fam, Trace, Noisia, FD, Amoss, Liv, Mernywernz, Lars and Pamela from Gretchen, and anybody else who supported us.

Chop Chop

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Berlin based duo with a rich repertoire on labels such as Protect Audio, Invisible, DSC14 and Authentic Music.