Summer Selection 2012 #1: AMC, Mattix & Futile

Summer Selection 2012 #1: AMC, Mattix & Futile

Ah, summer time vibes. Our most favourite of all vibes! Well, they are when the sun actually bothers to get busy. Word on the street is that the big old yellow fellow needs a little musical persuasion this year. So we’ve curated an essential selection of 40 soul-coated sounds that can’t possibly fail to coax him out from behind the clouds. Believe: if the sun hasn’t got his cap on after checking Drum&BassArena Summer Selection 2012, someone call a mechanic as the weather is officially broken. 

Complete with 10 exclusives you will not find anywhere else right now, the whole collection oozes the necessary depth, soul, texture and effortless energy all perfect summer soundtracks require. Don’t take our word for it, though. Have a squiz at the tracklist yourself…

CD 1:
(1) Rudimental – Feel The Love (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
(2) Cyantific – Mirador
(3) Dimension – Revolution*
(4) Brookes Brothers – The Big Blue
(5) Wilkinson – Tonight
(6) Mind Vortex – Now It’s Time
(7) Logistics – Fear Not
(8) Netsky & Mutated Forms (Feat. Sofia Rubin) – Windows
(9) Altitude Feat. dRamatic & dbAudio – Everything
(10) Hybrid Minds – Leaving*
(11) Ed Oberon & Blade (Feat. Sopheye) – Butterflies
(12) Phors – Shining Star
(13) Submorphics (Feat. Selfsays) – Step In The Spot (Instrumental Mix)
(14) Culture Shock – Protection
(15) Original Sin – Only Love
(16) LSB – Some Disco*
(17) Fred V & Grafix – Long Distance
(18) Camo & Krooked (Feat. Ayah Marar) – Cross The Line (Metrik Remix)
(19) Rewind – I Get Up
(20) J Majik & Wickaman vs Peshay – Talk To Me

CD 2:
(1) Spectrasoul Feat. Tamara Blesser – Away With Me (Calibre Remix)
(2) Planas – Breathtaking (Dbridge’s Soul Steppers Mix)
(3) Marky & S.P.Y – Love Affair
(4) Technicolor & Komatic – Forget The Past*
(5) Total Science & S.P.Y Feat. Riya & DāM FunK – Piano Funk
(6) Hybrid Minds – Lost
(7) Total Science – Melody Snow*
(8) Bcee – Keep The Faith (Marcus Intalex Remix)
(9) Dbridge – Love U Enough*
(10) A.M.C, Mattix & Futile – Was There Ever (Ft. Katies Ambition)*
(11) Harvest – My Love*
(12) Alix Perez – Contradictions
(13) Stanza & Bevan (Feat. Collette Warren) – Under Covers*
(14) Greeley & Lomax – String Thing
(15) Grifta (Feat. I-Kay) – Late As It Seems*
(16) Technicolour – Centrifuge
(17) Tomek N – Biography
(18) Level 2 – In My Head
(19) Utah Jazz & Alex Reece – Everything Is Everything
(20) Bcee – Captured In Time

*Exclusive to this album.

Hot, right? You’ll have to wait for July 16 for its release. And you can help us celebrate at this very special summer BBQ we’re having on July 15. In the meantime, we’re asking some of the artists featured on the compilation to give us their ultimate summer stories.

Ultimate Summer Missions #1 A.M.C, Mattix & Futile

The first in our series of sun-bleached sagas comes from Titan trio A.M.C, Mattix & Futile. Their contribution to Summer Selection 2012 is Was There Ever, a poignant, emotional roller, coasting with a heartfelt lyrical quiz from Katies Ambition and a sizzling, searing bassline. We checked in for their ultimate summer stories. Ever the forward-thinker, Mattix has given us some advice for what to do this sunny season… 

A.M.C:My best summer story? Easy! Last year I decided to take a bit of rare time off and went on holiday in Marbella in Spain. Just before I went, we’re talking the day before or something crazy like that, I had my agent ring me and say he had a festival for me to play in Belgium.

I told him I was about to go on my hols, it wasn’t gonna happen! But he kept on at me and told me I had to go! He said there’d be at least four or five thousand people there and I couldn’t miss it. Eventually I said yes and he managed to sort out flights direct from Marbella to Belgium and back. I’m glad I went… The festival was called Laundry Days, there was about 16,000 there in total and it kicked off massively! It was just as hot as it was in Marbella too; sweltering. Easily one of the best festival gigs I’d done so far.

The best bit, though, was at the airport with a load of other DJs who were playing. They were all like ‘which airport you going back to? Heathrow or Gatwick?’. I was just like ‘nah mate, Marbella!’ It was all done in 24 hours… Definitely worth taking a day out of my holidays for!”

Futile:I don’t really have any crazy summer stories that I can think of, but…. In the summer I like to do a lot of cycling, especially if it’s a really hot and sunny day. Me and a few mates like to spend the whole day riding down to the coast and stopping off at pubs on the way then go down to the seafront and get some chips and a few beers and chill on the beach. Then do the same on the way back. It’s great fun soaking up the sun and riding in the countryside. Proper summer vibes!”

Mattix: Get yourself out to San Teodoro for Sun & Bass for seven days of amazing D&B! The vibes out there are amazing and it couldn’t be a better place to watch Marky, Spy, Lenzman, Calibre, NU:Tone & Logistics to name a few! Were going back out there this year with A.M.C and were going to try not to miss as much of the day events. Last year, due to the effects of alcohol, we weren’t getting out of bed until about four or five in the afternoon. We’d drink a load of water, eat and head straight back out again! The plus side to missing most of the sun was that it stopped me having to apply factor 100 sun cream every half hour… I think I came back whiter than I was when I left!”

Drum&BassArena Summer Selection 2012 is out on July 15 (digital) July 16 (physical). Create your own ultimate summer mission and join us on July 15.


Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.


Multi Award Winning Dj & Producer and CEO & Founder of Titan Records.



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