Subduktion: Beware

Subduktion: Beware


As Subduktion steps up with his leeeeathal + incisive Beware weapon of an ep – take note, ok? – we caught up.

Hey can you tell us about yourself?

The name Subduktion came together after soaking in all sorts of bass music around west coast.

Surgically designed bass is crafted to shake and rumble the ground as sub frequencies punch. ‘Subduktion’ (Now: Smoking Guns) was once also a dope showcase in Seattle back few years ago.

Who are your allies in the scene, who have you worked with?

Kozmo, Mike.ill, Torbjørn are my crew I’ve been working with in WA… check out their soundcloud fam it’s lit.

This year so far my WA crew, currently working with Samurai Breaks, Thomas B, Pilz Beats, and a few more.

I love the ep, there’s a lot of influences that have gone in to this and your sound, would you say?

Many of the influence comes from jungle, D&B and most recent halftime music that’s hot right now. Majority of the sounds in this EP involves sound processing, warp stretching, and transposing.

Take us into the title track in terms of what inspired it and what made it come to life?

Title holds a message, ‘Beware’ of what’s coming. This EP holds a great intro to what’s in store near future.

Many tunes are on their way, hang tight!

Big big fan of ‘Rewind’ and the style of it, the atmosphere it throws up… can you rap at will about it?

Honestly never thought about rapping on my own tunes, but that may be interesting enough to try.

Love it!

I’m also really interested in doing work with other vocalists, holla at ya boy!!

What else would you say about the ep, and how it depicts you right now as an artist… I think it’s a strong strong look.

This EP turned out greater than I imagined; super thankful for FLD and everyone’s support!

From the looks of it, I’m really stoked to share what’s next.

What tune is in your head, which inspires you? Any genre.

‘Thinline Control’ by Monty; this track is so punchy and as halftime music, it has such high energy! Most def what I’m shooting for.


You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.