Soul In Motion First Anniversary PLUS an exclusive Bailey mix!

Soul In Motion First Anniversary PLUS an exclusive Bailey mix!
25 Feb, 2015

soul in motion

Imagine a regular D&B event that’s inspired by the original ethos of seminal London weeklies such as Movement, Swerve and Blue Note.

Now imagine that in a precision appointed venue that’s designed for proper music with line-ups that celebrate an equal split of heritage pioneers and exciting newcomers.

Now imagine its organised by respected selectors Need For Mirrors and Bailey. Oh, and it’s free.

Stop imagining and get to know: Soul In Motion might sound too good to be true, but it’s real… It happens every first and third Wednesday in Basement, Hotel Edition, London, and has done so for a whole year.

March 4 will be their anniversary, and they’re celebrating with an all-star cast: Alongside Need For Mirrors and Bailey (pictured) will be Optical, Krust, Anile, Phil Tangent and a very special secret guest. We caught up with Need For Mirrors’ Joe Moses and Bailey to find out more… We came away with more than we bargained for as Bailey’s turned in a superb exclusive mix. This is what it sounds like, tracklist right at the bottom:

Tell us everything please…

NFM: “It’s a bit of a best kept secret, really. Bailey and I both thought London was lacking a mid-week event. We started looking for venues and it came together when we landed on Basement. I used to promote nights back in New Zealand and made a conscious decision not to do that when I arrived in London 10 years ago. But we found Basement and I was like ‘oh man, I have to be involved!’

It’s a very tidy venue isn’t it?

Bailey: “I don’t want to say it’s plush or upmarket, but it really is well done. We’re really lucky to play there and represent our music in such a unique and special venue. The guys behind it have been involved in the scene and fully understand the vibe. So they have confidence in us and don’t treat drum & bass like a dirty word like other clubs do.”

NFM: It’s fully soundproofed room with in a room and is run by amazing staff who help to create a warm atmosphere, it’s just incredible. Edition Hotels pay real attention to detail in everything they do. They were into the idea of what we wanted to put across. We’re inspired by the original ethos of seminal nights like Blue Note, Movement, Speed, Swerve. A place where young & old can come and listen to music for free on an amazing soundsystem with no MCs and still catch the last tube home. It starts nice and early at 8pm.


That’s a bit early isn’t it? Even for a mid-weeker…

NFM: “It’s just people who want to listen to great music. You can finish work, have a meal, check out some amazing music and be home before midnight if you like. But don’t expect warm-up sets because it starts early – everyone is in the zone the minute they arrive!”

Bailey: “There’s a really cool, open minded vibe on both sides. A lot of DJs test things out and don’t have to worry about losing the crowd. Fabio, for example, turned up and played a whole set of hardness… Not one liquid tune all night. He shocked us all and we loved it! He understood the vibe straight away and the crowd does too. They want to be challenged.”

I love the balance of classic names and newcomers on each line-up….

Bailey: “We just book people who are good! Whether they’re upfront or legends, it doesn’t matter – we’ve got everyone under one roof. It’s interesting; we’ve found a lot of people are really up to speed on the older artists but don’t know much about the new guys coming through. Then on the flip side, the younger people coming through don’t know so much about the older guys. What I’m trying to say is everyone can be educated, however long you’ve been into the music; there are always new acts and artists to find out about and be inspired by.”

Guestlist only, too… Everyone is a VIP

NFM: “They are, really. To get entry all you need to do is drop us an email and we keep adding names until the venue is full. We have about 400-600 people come and party with us on average and for the first few months it was pure word of mouth. The crowd size blew up early. We noticed the majority of the crowd were pure music lovers; we didn’t really recognise anyone on the dancefloor for a long time, which was amazing. It wasn’t until about six months in when we started recognising industry people visiting us too. It’s a great mix of people every time.”

The venue’s no-photos rule is a nice touch as well. Reminds me of Watergate in Berlin…

NFM: “You’re not far off with that comparison! We love it too… Stop gazing at your phone, taking pictures or filming anything, just live in the moment for a few hours and have a good time.”

Bailey: “Plus I’ve tried to take a few pictures in there anyway and none of them do the club justice. You need to be here to believe it. And when you get here, live in the moment and enjoy it there and then like we do.”

Live in the moment on March 4. Soul In Motion is guestlist only – email soulinmotionldn@gmail.com to ensure your place on the list.

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Don’t believe Need For Mirrors or Bailey? Take the word from their previous guest DJs…

“Soul In Motion is my favourite midweek D&B night in London right now. Fantastic sound and wicked crowd, always cool to see lots of heads down there!” (Break)

“As a DJ, Soul In Motion is that place where I can go to really enjoy the selection process. For me, that night is all about grooves, trying out new material, and appreciating music with an underground sensibility. It’s back to basics in the best way; 2 turntables, great sound system and a packed dancefloor… Stoked.” (Rene LaVice)

“Soul In Motion is, for me, the ultimate D&B night in London. It’s a night I enjoy immensely both as a DJ and as a lover of good music.” (Jumping Jack Frost)

“Soul In Motion is bringing the line ups and vibes back to London’s West End. Essential mid week action.” (LSB)

Bailey mix tracklist:

1: DJ Krust – Soul In Motion (Full Cycle Records)

2: Philth – Souzou VIP (Dispatch Recordings)

3: System – Optix (Exit Records)

4: Need For Mirrors – Berners Street Dub (Warm Communications)

5: Section – Years of Pain (Directors Cut)

6: DLR – The Grip (feat Ant TC1) (Dispatch)

7: Dillinja – Unexplored Terrain (Need For Mirrors & Battery Remix) (V records)

8: Philth – Cosmos (Dispatch Recordings)

9: Spirit – Life Goes On (Blu Mar Ten)

10: Kidsuke – SG Step (Kiat Remix)

11: Need For Mirrors – Ethos (Blu Mar Ten)

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
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