Sinistarr: Ghast Story

Sinistarr: Ghast Story


Sinistarr takes us into his remix of ‘Insatiable’ from Ghast on FLD and gives us five, phenomenal picks along the way. ‘Charade’ anyone? The ‘Last Straw’ for those that know?? + more.

Be prepared to get very very hurt by it all.

When did the concept of the remix of Ghast come about? The take on it is great: very wide and full of ideas and scope.

It was just a matter of me organizing the samples that were given to me and finding an element where I could make something out of it, and I kept hearing this jungle meets shoegaze sound when I heard the samples, so I jumped in that direction.

I don’t remix anything I don’t like as an original – that being said, Ghast did a wonderful job in making the track, so it wasn’t hard for me to get going on a different side of it.

Are you in the same geographical vicinity of Ghast and Quentin btw?

Somewhat. We are both on the west coast of North America, but Quentin and Ghast are in Arizona, and I recently just relocated to Calgary, Alberta from Detroit, Michigan.

So let us know what you were up to in 2015, that interesting year (spiritually)…

Not to get too in depth because it was a huge year and I could write a novel about it haha… I played seven festivals, did about five major mixes, explored and performed in Western Canada over the summer and autumn – which basically swayed me to move there… put out a tune with Guilty Simpson.

That’s what I can remember so far!!


What’s the best way to actually describe your VERY unique take on beats?

Club music. House, techno, hip-hop, jungle and drum & bass all rolled into one.

If you had to make music with ONE component, what would it be? You could record it and sequence it sure but it’s just one thing: voice, drumstick, a drum, one guitar string… that concept? Interesting experiement.

The voice, without question…it’s so dynamic!

I suggest getting this album by Todd Rungdren called A Capella. He made it entirely with his vocals. Inspiring stuff.

What’s five inspirational tunes for you… non-time specific. Things that make you levitate a bit inside?

Hrdvsion ‘Captivated Heart’

Calibre ‘All The While’

Rachid ‘Charade’ (Grooverider Remix)

Tessela ‘Hackney Parrot’ (Special Request VIP)

D Bridge feat. Steve Spacek ‘Last Straw’

Any shouts?

Hello to my immediate family back home in Detroit and to my extended family here in Calgary and my Denver family (Recon D&B), James at Example Media, Nick, my manager at Mushpostand Matt, my agent at On.the.sly. Ciao!


You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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