Shadow Demon Coalition hit Fabric

Shadow Demon Coalition hit Fabric


The mysterious and constantly-morphing Shadow Demon Coalition make their debut at Fabric tonight, a lineup featuring Guv, Logan D, Voltage and more alongside longtime illuminati Trigga (above) and Bassman (below). We caught up with the shadowy dons themselves.

Hi can you give us a brief history of the Shadow Demon Coalition? I first heard of you back when Grooverider was on Radio 1, and used to see countless posters of you in places like Birmingham, playing big nights at Que Club, Rainbow…

Yeah: SDC has grown from strength to strength.

Who are key members over time, who is the ‘core’? Bassman? Trigga?

Bassman: The key members of SDC is myself and Trigga: we were the ones from the beginning and every one else followed after that.

This is the first time at Fabric for SDC, is that right?

Yeah it’s the first time for SDC at fabric and which is a great honour for us to bring the brand to Fabric.

This is something we are definitely looking forward to it is an achievement for SDC to represent drum and bass at Fabric and it’s a really good look for all who follow us.

sdcHow does it work on stage in terms of who does what, and chooses what to play? Does it get rowdy? I imagine something like the classic Wu Tang ensemble!!!

The reason we work so well together is we are all professionals and watch each other and what every one of us are saying so there’s always some one to finish off where the other artist stops and so forth and we all fit like a glove .

Everyone who is in SDC has their own style… that’s the beauty of it.

There are many styles out there and every one carries their own.


What sort of tunes will be drawn on the night… or is it ‘wait and see’?

You never know what to expect from SDC because we flow like water so watch this space.

What you can be on the look out for is a live PA from Trigga performing his anthem ‘Who Run Tingz’ that is currently tearing down clubs and festivals all over the country.

What tunes sum up the vibe/who you are?

Well it’s either ‘Bass 2 Dark’ dubplate. Or ‘Pulp Fiction’ as it’s one of my all time favourite but there are a few more others what do tickle and stir up the fire in belly but that’s another story!

Trigga: For me, ’31 Seconds’, ‘Bricks Don’t Roll’…

Any shouts?

Bassman: Just to say big up to all our supporters for who love what we do, respect. Hold tight my children Demetriuis, Rachel, Raive and Lexi.

Trigga: Big up to my mother and father my son Vallejo my brothers, LJ, Simeon Hannaway and Jesse Roberts. Chimpo, Zedbias, Killa Benz, Specialist Moss, LEVELZ, Wrigz, Rio and all the Manchester music family.

SDC at Fabric

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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