Scartip interview and mix

Scartip interview and mix

Scartip is back with the Scruffy White Label ep, new on Lighterworks: heads-down, renegade D&B, as you can tell from the title.

And he’s kindly gone right in on the mix for us as well.

Hi Scartip. You are a totally unique producer: when did the ep come about?

Earlier this year, can’t recall how it started. I just started knocking some beats about, three of which are on the EP.

Straight in: ‘Legitimate Hustle’? What a stormer.

The name was inspired by an old boss who coined the phrase ‘legitimate hustling’ in reference to making sales. I told him I’d name a track after it, so I did.

Can’t really tell you about the production and how I made it: I seem to go in a bizarre, solitary trance when I make beats, as I imagine a lot of producers do.

Is there a fascination with street/crime/gangsters in your work btw?

Nah not really, I’d named the track before I made it which is the opposite of how I usually do it, so with ‘Legitimate Hustle’ I had to find a suitable sample, bit of a ball-ache if I remember.

I eventually stumbled on one from a gangs-related TV clip.

I note Shookz is here, do you guys go back in D&B? Where do you physically work on beats, as it were?

I’ve been Liaising with Shookz for the past year and had the Soul Monopoly EP come out last year on Lighterworks.

Paul continues to support my tracks which is great. We send stems to and fro until we were happy with the outcome: was actually quite a speedy process!

I think we’ve known of each other for a few years, both been on the Derby circuit for a while but as I said before only been past year or so that wheels have been in motion, so to speak.

Tell us about ‘Underworld’: it’s wild.

One thing I can tell you about Underworld is that it was the first track I was let loose on ‘Molekular’, one of the latest head-f**k bits of gear from Native Instruments. It’s a mind boggling fx unit, multi-modular effects system I think is the correct term. Limitless, quite literally.

Tell us what tune is in your head right now?

Kate Bush ‘Wuthering Heights’.

If we’re talking Drum & Bass find myself listening to Noisia, Hybris & Mefjus ‘Clusterfunk’ a lot, mad track. Also Spectrasoul ‘I Don’t Mind’: another quality track.

I’m a big fan of 20 Questions EP from Ivy Lab too.

What’s a typical Scartip set consist of?

Play a lot of ‘Jungle-Juke’ at the moment, dunno if that’s the right tag for it.

And what’s in the mix you have for us?

A lot of hard stuff, some deep ones, a few half beat numbers in there, I like to slow it down for 10-15 minutes!

Also the mix is a great chance to exhibit some new tracks from myself which not many have heard so hope people enjoy it!

Any shouts?

Everyone who helps & supports, the appreciation is never forgotten. Want to give a special shout to Curt AKA MC SAS who had a difficult couple of months so big ups mate.
Scruffy White Label

Mix tracklist

1. Scartip – Slight Repercussions
2. Mark System – Optix
3. Emperor – Smpl
4. Scartip – Legitimate Hustle
5. Alix Perez feat. Strange U – Shadows
6. Spectrasoul feat. Lily Mckenzie – Shelter
7. Scartip – Soul Monopoly
8. Scartip – Young Skins
9. Fixate – Throwback Therapy
10. Fade – Get Rowdy
11. Chimpo, Fracture – From Early (Original Mix)
12. Chimpo, Fracture – From Early (Fracture Reduction mix)
13. Mako – The Space In Between
14. Sinistarr – H3xx
15. Lakeaway – Things You Say
16. Ivy Lab – Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)
17. Scartip & Shookz – Underworld
18. Scartip – Monomaniac
19. Skeptical – Playground Chat Back
20. Scartip – Scruffy White Label
21. S.P.Y – Brstl Hardcore
22. Noisia, Hybris & Mefjus – Reptilians
23. Current Value – Division 32
24. Emperor – Mind Games
25. Spectrasoul – I Don’t Mind
26. Break – Give It Up
27. Mefjus feat. Zoe Klink – Blame U (Ivy Lab remix)
28. Noisia, Hybris & Mefjus – Clusterfunk
29. DJ Rap – Bass Kick (Scartip Remix

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


Scartip, aka Michael Beardsley, began his love for the UK underground sound at the tender age of 9 years old after pinching an old-skool, ...



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