Run with A.M.C in the mix

Run with A.M.C in the mix


Running. Oh that old chestnut. With the London Marathon kicking off this Sunday we figured we’d give you some listening material courtesy of A.M.C to push you that little bit further.  It also got us thinking about this peculiar practice and what motivates us to keep moving our bodies in such a way.

Humans have been running ever since… Well.. ever since we physically could. Think about it: hunting, avoiding predators, and escaping weather events; those two big logs supporting our torso have gotten us out of many sticky situations and helped us evolve.

Then there came a time where we figured out there was more to running than getting us food or escaping predators and/or that crazy ex-girlfriend/ boyfriend. We discovered the countless health benefits associated with moving those two big logs at a rapid pace. We discovered endorphins and the fact that running could make us feel good. Getting the heart racing, enjoying fresh air and getting that burst of adrenalin all contribute to creating that perfect natural high.

Not to mention the wonders it does for our self-esteem when our legs start resembling Usain Bolt’s. We invented treadmills so we could make running easier from the comfort of our own homes and gyms in case we couldn’t be bothered to venture outside. And we also discovered that certain music gives us that extra bit of energy to push further than we normally would.


We might be a little biased but lets face it- drum & bass has to be the best type of music to listen to whilst we push ourselves to keep running. Have you ever sat on the tube with your headphones on and a big tune comes on and you all of a sudden have a burning desire to just get up and run? Yeah, so have we. There’s just something about the tempo that makes us want to run furiously and push through any obstacles.


For those competing in the marathon we’ve got just the mix to give you the unfair advantage. A.M.C steps up with this wicked mix for the Drum&BassArena podcast, including some tracks from the Drum&BassArena 2014 compilation. For those not competing, take a listen anyway and we bet you’ll wish you entered. Be warned though, with a mix like this you may keep running way past the finish line. Listen at your own risk.

Drum&BassArena 2014 Countdown: A.M.C In The Mix by Drum & Bass Arena on Mixcloud

And there you have it. A piece about running and not a single bad pun. One of our interns was meant to think of one, but ended up giving us the run-around.

Sorry… we had to.

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