Rolaz: Feeling ‘Restless’.

Rolaz: Feeling ‘Restless’.

Diverse and highly addictive and flanked by a wide-ranging crew, Rolaz took us into the new Restless ep, and on to the street-set of the recent video, shot by the formidable dLo Media.

Hey Rolaz where are you from?

I’m Rolaz pronounced Rollers and I was born and bred in Manchester.

I like the video, where was this shot?

The video was shot in and around Brooklyn, NYC by Adam Al Sened. What an Amazing place to visit.

Who’s the people in ‘Restless’?

‘Restless’ features my New York cousins Noble Society. Noble Society features Jahdan Blakkamoore who some old skool Hip Hop fans may know is the vocalist on Smif-n-Wessun ‘Sound Bwoy Bureill‘ and also a Grammy nominated songwriter for Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated.

Also from Noble Society is Delie Red X and D2 Tha Future, on this ep.


To the Restless ep, I like the flow of ‘Summers’ Blaze’, it’s wicked, can you take us through this?

For this record, I wanted to take the listener back to their childhood, for those who remember tagging/spray cans, the early years of Hip Hop and their love of a culture they could actually identify with.

And ‘Homebound’? This is a killer moody tune.

Thank you, that is really appreciated.

‘Homebound’ is all about a dark consciousness and realising seeing is not always believing, so the bass is at a constant low frequency and the contrast is the drums: very bright with underlying strings and Kiara on vocals…

Kiara sounds great.

Kiara is such a diverse vocalist, and she always captures the mood and that’s without a dialog.

You’ve done so many styles, so when you start a tune do you simply go with it and see where it takes you, or set out to make a tune in a certain style from the off?

I love music, so hopefully this is reflected in my discography.

There’s nothing simple when it comes to creation; it either resonates or it doesn’t.

Will we see you playing out in your home town?

To be honest, with so much studio and production work, I haven’t played out for a long time now, but I will be live and direct with a few friends, very soon.

Any shouts, Rolaz?

First and foremost a massive shout out to my Boss Jerome ‘Knobody’ Foster, My A&R manager, mentor and best friend Melanie Penella, My Big Brother Edzy aka Unique 3, the whole Noble Society crew, KNS Tha Engineer – Ruff Ryders; TeamRUKUS, NB AUDIO, Dawn Raid, Joe Nebula, Shotta and everybody that has supported me throughout the years.



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