Ray Keith: Dread Dub Warrior

Ray Keith: Dread Dub Warrior

‘This is just raw bass’

Ray Keith and his beloved Dread Recordings are celebrating 20 years pulverizing D&B with their unique, electric walls of textured sound. The compilation Dub Dread 5′ showcases the trajectory of the label in ’14… so best to step in and catch up with the man himself rather sharpish.

I have seen you DJ live and know the wall of sound which is Dread. The vibe from Dread was always something that you know was very special. Tell us about the roots.

1994 was the year Phil from Basement Records help me set up Dread. He was a mentor and a friend. We wanted to put out good music.

All the first releases were myself.

For me I think of ‘There’s something out there’ as a classic, what are some others people should know? I know this is an impossible question.

I have to let you guys decide. When I made the tracks I am in the moment so I leave them as they are. I love making music.

What’s been the driving force behind Dread?

Music forever changing and people are like sheep: they jump on what they think is selling, so I try roll with my heart, integrity, love and still original. As you make music you get better.

Does technology change the game? You would have seen a lot of change over time…

Embrace the tech side but you really don’t need a 1000 plugins to make a great tune. Simple.

Why the ‘Dub’ part of the compilation title? And what did you want to achieve with the compilation?

This series is to represent the artists coming through on our label and the ‘dub’ aspect to us is the bass.

Hence ‘Dub Dread’… there are reggae influences in all our artists, it’s how they then transcend and make it their own.

Off the sampler I love ‘Going In Hard’… were you one of the first people to really take D&B into harder territory?

Well I tried. This is just raw bass. Renegade ‘Terrorist’… 20 years old now say no more! We always try to strive for better.

In your sets, where do you want to take people… is it a journey?

Simple: it’s a story, beginning, middle and an end.

What is on the future for Dread, to close?

Simple: Dread for life and Dread come to conquer. We have new artists breaking boundries and we are involved in artist development all around the world.

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