Turbine Music: into Ratio Futuri

Turbine Music: into Ratio Futuri


‘… nothing sounds better on a system than some amens and 808s… ‘

In a few days – next Friday to be exact – Turbine Music take us to the edge in the form of a short busride up to the lip of the possibly-not-yet extinct crater that is the Ratio Futuri ep, featuring a who’s who of D&B nightdwellers: Clima, Red Army, Akinsa, Antagonist, Inertia and with P-Fine on the vocals. Let’s get on and admire that view over the edge…

Hey how did you at Turbine start to amass all the considerable firepower on this?

After a short break whilst moving distribution to SRD we wanted to come back with some artists that have appeared on Dust Audio or Turbine Music.

We’ve had the Clima remix of Red Army & P-Fines Flatline for about a year but wanted to keep it under wraps until the right time.

Antagonist and Akinsa’s ‘Spiritcatcher’ is a blinder! Have to say that has blown me away, can you give us an intro to the chaps and what was it that caught you about the tune?

Akinsa and Antagonist came together with Spirit Catcher and really hit the button with that industrial half step vibe. Akinsa is from Brighton and Antagonist hails from Manchester. The power of the internet once again prevails!

Loxy is a big fan of the tune and has been spinning it in most of his recent sets.

Akinsa pops up again with ‘Killer’… he’s prolific yeah?

We must be getting a tune a week from him at the moment; he is really hitting a crest of a wave. Even with his unofficial bootlegs of many classics he seems to wrap his tribal production around them and makes them stand up against a lot of sonically sound productions of today.

What shifts are you feeling in D&B? Part of me just wants to say ‘business as usual’!

I know it’s a cliché but I really think it’s healthy, obviously sales are not what they was from 10-12 years ago but maybe that’s why a lot of people take chances in their productions.

We’re really feeling the half step and minimal vibe which has been around for a while but it is coming in to its own now. We still love the use of old school breaks and bass, nothing sounds better on a system than some amens and 808s!

We love it all really, as long as it’s got something about it we will check it out. Be it a deep soulful roller, or a moody stepper we will listen.

Clima has laid down a stone cold killer remix of Red Army’s ‘Flatline’, I love this… ‘Levelling the field like a warhead’, not for the timid on the P-Fine front!

Clima actually got the stems from Red Army some time ago, and when the original came out they already had it remixed! They took it down a different route but still maintaining that sinister groove.

P-Fine is a deep thinker who we have known for 20 years. He has always had a close relationship with us and the labels. His vocal resonates with the tune and it just fits!

Inertia is a grower, has hooked me very firmly!

These guys always come with the goods. I spoke with them a few months ago about doing something. They sent us about 10 tunes which are all wicked! Hawking just fitted with the other three tunes. So we snapped it up. Love the modulated bass line and them heavy kicks, wow it just hits hard. Menacing and again has been getting a lot of support.

Watch out for more releases from Inertia on the label soon.

So the press release says ‘heavy on the drums, low on the bass’… does that mean that the bass works as a mood element? All about the mood. Does this sum you up, with the label, the spartan, industrial vibe?

It certainly does on this release! It’s got all the elements we like for Turbine Music. Free flowing, experimental. Allowing the artists to express themselves.

Also all the artist on this EP have had releases on Turbine before so it’s good to have them back on this release. Watch out for more from them on Turbine & Dust Audio

Any shouts?

Shouts to the artists: Inertia, Clima Akinsa, Antagonist. Damian and the DNBA crew for the interview, the backroom guys: Chris, Duz, Leanne, Marion, Martin, SRD, all the customers and everyone who has supported the labels over the years, big ups.

Ratio Futuri ep preview

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