Quentin Hiatus: into In.can.des.cent

Quentin Hiatus: into In.can.des.cent


The title grabs you, how can it not, written as it is in a sort of internal, ‘ruminating’ way… ‘Hmmm: In.can.DES.cent’, like it’s been sounded out, tried on for size.

Maybe from the point of view of someone hearing Quentin Hiatus‘ particular take for the first time: music that is a direct result of mainlining his surroundings, both the directly experienced and the imagined, his internal VU meter twitching sleeplessly all the time, processing it all.

Hey Quentin how are you?

Maaaaaaaaan, I’m pretty solid. Can’t complain, back doing another feature with you guys, so, things are good!

The title to this ep: I have the following words/phrases in my head when I think of ‘Incandescent’: glow, subtle, self-powered, almost-invisible, fragile, moderate. Something small and modest too: if it was in a forest you may not know it was there but that doesn’t mean that it’s not strong. So it’s NOT something that is bold, brash, obstinate, loud. What do you say?

I love your take on it! I agree with most of our words to describe it. Specifically, Glow, Subtle, Self Empowered and almost invisible.

I guess overall, the name represents the light and fire inside all of us that is sometimes forgotten or never even realized.

When I look back at history, specifically, American History, I see many individuals that shined brighter in times of extreme darkness. This is why the Civil Rights era… which we still live in… from the 60s is so profound to me.

‘Incandescent’ to me, represents the moment a person realizes they have a right to be on this planet and a right to be respected as a human being, no matter what color, gender, religious background and so forth.

Why did you break the word down into smaller parts, does it do something different? I looked at it differently?

At first, I did it because it’s listed that way when you look up the definition. It turned into a way to get a person to read the word, sound it out and think.

Think about what it means to you.

I think slowing down and break things up can help a person to think. Which is something that’s rare, unfortunately.

In ‘Subtle Push’ there’s something very important I feel, that the voice tells us…

Oh man, yes. That voice is Stokely Carmichael. The message is about how colonialism is glorified in history yet doesn’t shine light on the cost of such a strategy. Specifically to native people of these lands that are removed from their homes, have their culture erased and people killed in the name of colonial expansion.

Some call it civilization – others call it brut barbaric taking of another mans land, culture, believes and resources.

Tell me about the final tune, I loved that, and the title, really meant something to me. Believe me.

He he, I’m glad man. That one is personal to me. I was thinking about mistakes I’ve made in my life and my growth into the man I am today. It no longer takes me three or four times making the same mistake in my life ha ha. I’m totally ok, now, with things only taking one instance of bullshit and that being enough.

I note ‘Elton John’ here. People may forget how wide his range has been over time… sorta crazy. I could write an essay. But was this literally about him or? You tell us the inspiration.

So, it is in a way about him but not totally. Really the tune is about James Baldwin, who was a black, homosexual civil rights activist that shined brighter than many can understand. Brilliance comes in all shapes, colours, genders, gay, straight , whatever!

I called the tune ‘Elton John’ to represent the fearlessness he’s had in his life and career. It reminded me of the fearlessness I see in James Baldwin and any other human that chooses an unpopular life path and sticks to it because it’s who they are.

This has permeated your thoughts a lot lately?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the state of the country I live in – the US. As I’m sure you know, we have an interesting election going on.

It’s honestly inspired this album quite a bit. All the unrest here in the US has inspired me to revisit some of my favourite writers works – James Baldwin. The album is highly inspired by Baldwin.

There’s so much here on In.can.des.cent. Take us into something of your choice.

Hmmm, I really like the tune Resound and I did. Started almost tw years ago now. I’ve always respected and looked up to Resound. I’m happy this one is seeing the light of day.

Last q about the ep: when did it start to take shape?

I started this one about a year ago. I was digging through Youtube clips of James Baldwin speeches about civil rights in the 60’s. I found that his message is still so relevant. It inspired me to incorporate his words with my music to deliver a deeper, relevant and meaningful album.

Random Dept. Do you ever want to do t shirts for the label? You should. So much great artwork.

I did a small run of them last year! I plan to do more merch in the coming future – people have been asking!

What are some songs you are inspired by?

In.can.des.cent ep

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