Premiere Cru: Run Tingz Return!

Premiere Cru: Run Tingz Return!
13 Nov, 2014

Run Tingz Cru 1 (from left Parker & Ed)

Bristol-based jungle disciples Run Tingz are back with a brand new label, exciting new concept and a live band to boot. We headed west to find out more…

Answers: Alex Parker (Run Tingz Cru), Ed Garrett (Run Tingz Cru), Tom Derryman (Breakah / Run Tingz Originals)

Props on the new label Run Tingz Originals. But let’s just rewind a second… Bring everyone up to speed on Run Tingz.

“We launched the label in 2010 to promote ourselves as artists and create reggae influenced jungle / D&B material with the best vocalists out there, old and new. We’ve worked with legendary jungle artists including Topcat, Tenor Fly and David Boomah; we’ve also worked with reggae vocalists such as YT, Partly B, Blackout J.A and Solo Banton where we’ve taken huge reggae tracks and remixed them in a jungle fashion. From the outset we were lucky enough to have support from distributors such as the late Nu-Urban music and we’ve worked alongside producers such as the Serial Killaz who have had a massive influence on us and the whole scene in general.

As well as the label and the music, we’ve always been involved promoting events, off the back of that experience we created the Run Tingz Sessions which have really started to fly over the last few years. We’ve hosted venues at Glastonbury Festival and Boomtown Fair, in the last twelve months we’ve taken the events across Europe and even to South America which has been an experience to say the least.”

What’s concept behind Run Tingz Originals?

“The idea behind the originals project is to compose and record all the Reggae and Ragga material that in turn will be used to create the jungle / D&B releases. I (Tom Derryman) am a drummer by trade, previously samples have been lifted from old reggae instrumentals to base a tune around, we conceptualised the project to try and move away from that, incorporate traditional musicians and offer something a bit more unique, we kick started the concept with the first release this summer.”

Tell us about the Fully Loaded EP…

“We started playing about with all sorts of ideas in the studio, just getting beats and basslines rolling, it all clicked together with one of the vocal tracks we got from Germany’s Doubla J, we then continued to write the tune around the vocal and job done. Easier said than done though, it took some dedication at the recording stages with tracking the live instruments and re-amping different sounds to get the character into the mix. Once we were done with the original the remixes soon followed. We put our stamp on the straight up new school jungle mix, J-Man went in on the old skool jungle tip, giving it a naughty rework with big subs and breaks aplenty, last but certainly not least, Levela beat the shit out of it with his rude and raucous jump up mix, there’s something for everyone in the package.


When we were getting it all mastered up at Final Tweak it became apparent that the original deserved a 7” vinyl release of it own, so we put an instrumental version on the B Side as well. Our mix and Levela’s mixes have gone out on 12” and the whole package is available on digital. It’s a big step for us as artists and we aim to penetrate a much broader market with the original material over the coming years, roll on Volume 2.”

Jungle’s enjoyed some fresh perspectives in recent years… What’s your take that?

“Jungle has always been in my life (Alex Parker) since the early 90s when I was at school listening to tape packs and buying all the merchandise. Jungle never really left and has always had a place in the underground party scene, we were really lucky to be part of the rebirth and the reggae influenced sound that has been pioneered by artists like Benny Page, the Serial Killaz, Congo Natty, Aries and the Chopstick crew to name a few. Since starting the label in 2010 we’ve been privileged to play big stages such as the Hell Stage and Cave & Glastonbury Festival, the Hidden Woods and Lions Den at Boom Town Fair; we’ve also enjoyed playing smaller and more intimate events across the UK and Europe, we’re humbled to be a part of the roller coaster that the scene has become and don’t have any plans to get of the ride in the near future, huge respect to everyone that supports the music and keeps the scene alive.”

Breakah - Mug Shot

What can people expect when they see you play, are you planning any live elements?

“We are always looking at ways to keep the sets versatile with PAs, vocalists and MCs as well as classic DJ sets incorporating new hardware such as Native Instruments Maschine. We combine elements of jungle and jump up into the sets as we’re massive fans of the jump up scene and it puts a lot of energy into the shows.

The long-term plan is to take the originals project into the live domain, the beauty of this concept is whilst we’re writing all the original material we’re creating the set for the band in the process. “

Lets rewind a few years to the 90’s, which Jungle tracks would you like to get your hands on to remix?

“A number of the all time classics have had some serious justice done to them over the last few years by the likes of producers like Blade Runner, we’ve always loved tracks such as Wickedest Sound (Rebel MC), Incredible (General Levy), The Slammer (Krome And Time) to name a few, who knows, maybe we’ll get our hands on them one day.”

Finally can you tell us your top 5 tunes in your bag right now?

Serial Killaz and Run Tingz Cru – Murder Ya Sound (Serum Remix)

Terrahark – Calm Befor the Storm ft. Tenor Fly (Dope Tingz Remix)

Run Tingz Cru – Ganja Man Ting ft. Blackout JA (Nu Elements Remix)

Gold Dubz & Jinx – Pure ft. Ras Ranger & Jah Night

DJ Guv – Limb By Limb

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